Baby cups, napkin rings and silver metal baby cutlery, picture frames and gift boxes, a complete collection of products for children.

Silver baby cups

The silver baby cup is traditionally offered to a child at the time of his baptism. Rich in symbols of love and protection, it is part of a true heritage which is thus intended for it. The silver baby cup contains wishes of luck and prosperity, but above all a message of transmission and belonging to a loving family. It is the unique gift of a lifetime, symbolizing the deep attachment of a godfather or godmother. Sometimes accompanied by an egg cup and a napkin ring, it marks a turning point in the life of the young baptized boy.


Our children collections



This complete collection for children offers both tableware and decorative pieces, representative of the first joys in life. With strong sentimental value, these products will remain, and accompany the children throughout their lives.



The Nathalie collection was imagined by Studio Christofle for the greatest pleasure of children and parents. It offers useful objects from an early age that can be kept throughout life, before passing them on to future generations.


Created by the Christofle studio in 2009, the Savane collection declines a playful imagination intended for toddlers. Let us get carried away in the savannah to find its dream animals.

Charlie Bear

Created in 2005, the Charlie Bear collection offers a tender imagination for toddlers and homage for Charles Christofle, the Christofle founder.

Adorable little bear, Charlie Bear makes us fall in love with his sweet and affectionate air that can be found on each object in the collection.


Albi is an ode to French elegance. Inspired by the pure and straight lines of the nave of the famous cathedral of the city of Albi, a masterpiece of southern art, this collection quickly became a classic of Christofle.


Cluny is one of the great models of classic French cutlery born in the 18th century. Its current shape, slightly redesigned, dates from 1964. Timeless, elegant without ostentation, it is ideal for personalization.