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For each occasion his gift, his jewel, his decorative object. Wedding gift, birth gift or baptism gift, giving is an art that must be well inspired. Our selection of objects and gift boxes will help you find THE present that will lastingly mark the most important moments.

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The Art of sharing is also the Art of being received… Discover our selection of gift boxes for all occasions: exceptional occasions with our birth gift boxes or our wedding gift boxes, festive occasions with our champagne gift boxes or wine gift boxes, or simply our decoration gift boxes.


  • 56 diamond bridge ring Idole de Christofle Or et diamants go 56 diamond bridge ring Idole de Christofle Or et diamants go

    Idole de Christofle

    56 diamond bridge ring Idole de Christofle Or et diamants go
    As low as 3,200€
  • Products/06700102X010001_STQ_3_m4azub Cuff bracelet Sterling silver

    Idole de Christofle

    Cuff bracelet Sterling silver
    As low as 750€
  • 00065636000101


    6-Piece Silver Espresso Spoon Set
  • 00065299000101


    Silver-Plated 24-Piece Flatware Set
  • Earrings Idole de Christofle  Sterling silver

    Idole de Christofle

    Sterling Silver Pendant Earrings
  • 06700225000001

    Idole de Christofle

    Sterling Silver Double Circle Pendant Necklace
  • Two light candelabra Arborescence  Stainless steel


    Stainless Steel Candelabra For Two Candles
  • Customize
    Birth egg Oeuf  Silver plated Silver-Plated Baby Gift Set


    Silver-Plated Baby Gift Set
  • 02413299000001 24-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set


    24-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set
  • 06700002X490001_F_ibatsl

    Idole de Christofle

    Sterling Silver Ring, Andrée Putman x Christofle
    As low as 415€
  • Photophore ls Mood Nomade Stainless steel Large Size Hurricane in Stainless Steel and Crystal


    Large Size Hurricane in Stainless Steel and Crystal


Whether you call her your soul mate, your partner or your partner, it doesn't matter. You want to celebrate it today. Of course, there are the silver jewelry. Necklace, ring, earrings, they will serve as a lasting testimony to your attachment. More original, why not opt for a silver keychain engraved with his initials, which will accompany him in his daily life? Looking for moments for two? To make your late afternoon even more delicious, consider the Silver Time tea fountain. In the evening, it will turn into a cocktail fountain, one more reason not to leave you.


Brother, friend or lover, he shares your joys and sorrows. He supports you in difficult times. Give him a unique gift, worthy of your relationship. If he works a lot, opt for a Madison 6 business card holder engraved with his name that will remind him that you go with him everywhere, even on his appointments. Do you like sharing these little moments of intimacy for two? Mood coffee is ideal. Very aesthetic, it contains delicate espresso spoons to taste together your favorite arabica. If he likes cocktails, think of the ice bucket. Accompanied by a pair of tongs, it refreshes the delicious mixes that you can savor for two at the end of the day.

Wine Tasting Gift Sets

Wine tasting is a ritual. Observation of her dress, discovery of her notes and association with good food. To carry it out, the Graphik wine box is an excellent companion. Composed of a corkscrew, a Bacchus ring and a metal stopper, it provides ideal service. The mouth blown glass of the Graphik decanter will reveal the subtleties of the finest grape varieties. As for crystal glasses, their clarity will make the dress of the grand cru even more beautiful than that of the simplest wine.

Tea & Coffee Gift Sets

Tea time - Afternoon Tea as the English say - is delicious. In the late afternoon, she celebrates comfort and softness. A snack holder adorned with petit fours allows everyone to serve themselves as they wish. To quench the thirst for assembly, the tea fountain is very suitable - an original alternative to tea service - unless you finally opt for the more classic silver teapot? On the table, creamer and sugar bowl in silver punctuate their radiant hours soothing when the light declines.

Champagne Gift Sets

The best method to cool a bottle of champagne is to cool the bottle, also called champagne water. Variable in size, especially when it is a two-bottle champagne bucket or a champagne bowl, it is also sometimes used to keep white wines warm. As for the ice bucket, it will elegantly welcome the essential ice cubes for your cocktails and aperitifs.

Cocktails & Spirits Gift Sets

The arrival of summer calls for outdoor adventures and some fun in the sun. Discover the art of sharing through outdoor entertaining and gatherings including garden parties, yachting, glamping, and more.