Steps of Vintage's Restoration
Aug 29, 2022

Once the pieces have been collected from brand lovers, Christofle proceeds with a restoration that respects the period and the life of the objects while preserving the traces of their history.

Dupérier Christofle Vintage Dupérier Christofle Vintage

Selection of the pieces

It all starts with a selection of the proposed pieces.


They are carefully chosen, either because of their style, like the Delafosse Collection typical of the Art Nouveau period, or because of the richness of the history they tell, like the Atlas collection, which in its time equipped the floating palaces like the Normandie.

Authentication and quality control 

This is followed by a work of authentication and quality control of the pieces within the Christofle factory:


Identification of the goldsmith's hallmark


Checking the quality of the silvering and the condition of the piece.


Le respect des normes sanitaires

Afin de garantir le respect des normes sanitaires en vigueur aujourd’hui, bien évidemment différentes de celles de l’époque de leur fabrication, des tests d’alimentarité sont systématiquement effectués sur un échantillon auprès d’un laboratoire indépendant.

Restored Christofle Vintage egg cupRestored Christofle Vintage egg cup

The Restoration

Then begins the actual restoration carried out at the Christofle factory located in Yainville.


This is where all the expertise of the Christofle workshops' craftsmen is mobilized, as they work to restore the brilliance of each piece without altering it or changing its history.

It is a question of respecting this marvelous patina which makes all the soul of an old piece, while ensuring an exemplary restoration.


The next step is a rigorous cleaning to remove any microscopic dust that may have been left during the brightening process.

Fourchette vintage ChristofleFourchette vintage Christofle

Le nettoyage des pièces

Intervient ensuite un nettoyage rigoureux destiné à débarrasser les pièces des poussières microscopiques qui auraient pu se déposer lors de l’étape d’avivage.

Reconstitution and reconditioning

Finally, for the cutlery, comes the stage of meticulous reconstitution of flatware sets from the collected pieces and recommendations of association between different collections.


All the pieces are then repackaged in a case on which you can find a Vintage label.

Christofle VintageChristofle Vintage
It is by respecting all these steps that Christofle allows Vintage Collection pieces to cross time and weave a link between generations and eras.


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