A true piece of art, jewelry completes a look and offers the wearer a chance to affirm personal style. Through its creations for men and women, the Maison Christofle shapes brilliance radiance and elevates silver with audacity and modernity.

Idole de Christofle

Using the theme of the ring with its sensual and intentionally asymmetrical design, Idole de Christofle, launched in January 2005, is the first sterling silver jewelry line created by Andrée Putman for Christofle Elegant, contemporary and timeless, it is a perfect example of how Christofle has evolved.


  • 06763000570001 Ring Graphik  Sterling silver
    Ring Graphik Sterling silver
    As low as 390€
  • 56 diamond bridge ring Idole de Christofle Or et diamants go Bague anneau en Or blanc et diamants HVS
    Bague anneau en Or blanc et diamants HVS
    As low as 2,930€
  • Products/06700102X010001_STQ_3_m4azub Cuff bracelet Idole de Christofle  Sterling silver
    Cuff bracelet Idole de Christofle Sterling silver
    As low as 650€
  • Cuff bracelet Rivage  Sterling silver Cuff bracelet Rivage  Sterling silver
    Cuff bracelet Rivage Sterling silver
    As low as 950€
  • Pendant Rivage
    Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace
  • Long necklace C de Christofle  Sterling silver
    Sterling Silver And Gilted Rose Gold Long Necklace
    Regular Price Regular Price 1,051€ Price Special Price 630,60€
  • 06700305000001 Sterling Silver Pendant Earrings
    Sterling Silver Pendant Earrings
  • 06700225000001
    Sterling Silver Double Circle Pendant Necklace


Duo Complice

Duo Complice

This fall, the Maison Christofle brings new creative momentum to its Duo Complice collection. The celebrated bracelets in silver and woven leather can now express a broader range of emotions thanks to a magnetic system that lets the wearer adapt the jewelry to suit a mood or an outfit.



This collection gives life to the metal's rigidity through the ebb and flow of undulating curves. Each piece suggests the fluidity of a wave with flat, irregular crests, beveled on one side so as to give resonance to the silver.

Madison Style

Madison Style is a collection of jewelry for women inspired by the spirit of freedom and emancipation that reigned in America in the 1920s. Finely woven in solid silver, they constantly catch the light which accentuates their shimmer and makes them particularly vibrant.

C de Christofle

C like Christofle, Chic, Couture, Character, Charm, Curves. Christofle's C collection harmoniously interweaves the initial letter of the House with full and sensual curves of jewelry with gourmet curves. Combining the delicate color of pink vermeil with the strength and character of solid silver, this collection reflects the timeless elegance of the House and stands out for its distinguished charm.

Code Royale

Available in rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and necklaces, the Code Royale collection creates variations on the motif of the hexagon, tribute to the sign of the hallmark of Charles Christofle, who founded the House. A collection with a contemporary and rock look, in tune with a femininity that assumes its power and freedom.


Designed for Christofle by the designer Claire Dévé, the Pliage jewelry collection plays admirably with the material. Like origami, the lines fold and cross to create a sensual graphic in the generous material of solid silver.