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A must for festive celebrations, champagne is best enjoyed chilled but not iced. To keep it at the ideal temperature, the champagne bucket is the essential accessory to keep one or several bottles of champagne cool, before and during their tasting.


How to choose a champagne bucket?


The first criterion is of course its capacity, which should be adapted according to your needs: if most champagne buckets are designed to hold one bottle with a capacity of about three liters, there are also models that can hold two. For a larger capacity, for example for a wedding, you can choose a champagne vat.

Second criterion of choice, the material. Although there is a wide variety of materials, it is strongly recommended to choose a metal champagne bucket whose conductive properties will allow an optimal duration of conservation at temperature. A steel champagne bucket or, even more elegantly, a silver-plated one, are excellent choices that combine aesthetics and performance, and are less fragile than a glass or crystal champagne bucket.

Style is also a consideration. While it is of course primarily a matter of taste, it is recommended to opt for models of champagne bucket with a sober and elegant design that will guarantee their durability beyond fashion phenomena.

Finally, depending on the space you have available, it is possible to combine your champagne bucket with a stand that will free up space on your table and add a very elegant "chic" touch.


How to use a champagne bucket?


Two methods are generally recommended to cool your champagne in an ice bucket. The first is to add 1/3 of cool water to the bottom of the bucket and add ice cubes, the number of which will vary depending on the size of the container. The other method consists in using crushed ice in which you will plunge the bottle or bottles.