Climb the steps of La Haute orfèvrerie

Created by Maison Christofle in 1993, Haute Orfèvrerie designates the silversmith's high-end collection and the workshop that manufactures it. The items of Haute Orfèvrerie are hand-made.

Collection and reissues

The collection offers contemporary creations or emblematic artefacts of the House reissuing. These exceptional items through their design, dimensions or specifications, are identified in the goldsmith production by a vintage stamp, indicating the year of their manufacture. Made to order, each item is unique numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Products/03571299_1_bfqfkn Flatware set for 6 people (24 pieces) - Haute Orfèvrerie
    Limited edition


    Flatware set for 6 people (24 pieces) - Haute Orfèvrerie

  • 03500023_STQ_y6jkqc Hawk's head Silver plated with hood - Haute Orfèvrerie
    Limited edition


    Hawk's head Silver plated with hood - Haute Orfèvrerie

  • 03571098__STQ_rrd9wq
    Limited edition


    Sitting tiger Sterling - Haute Orfèvrerie

The workshop, memory of Christofle

The Haute Orfèvrerie workshop is a repository of traditional goldsmithing techniques, such as hammer work, spinning, embossing, setting and polishing. The place has its own tools. Some belong to the silversmith who made them himself, others are transfered from generation to generation. This workshop has two Meilleur Ouvrier de France in goldsmithing.

The Haute Orfèvrerie workshop is also a laboratory for technical experimentation. It is in this workshop that the models are developed. The model allows to apprehend the material reality of the item. It also determines the techniques and tools that are necessary for its realization. Today, depending on the case, Maison Christofle produces models using traditional techniques, or uses contemporary techniques such as scanning, modeling and 3D printing.


Arborescence collection

Carrier Belleuse Coffee Maker


Aero teapot


Contemporary techniques or traditional know-how, Haute Orfèvrerie's items are always highly desirable.