Talisman collection
Mar 17, 2020

In 1986, Bernard Yot designed Talisman, inspired by in the Art Deco style.


Unlike any other collection, Talisman is a part of Christofle’s custom-made service. The collection is available in the color of your choosing.


Origin & Design

Talisman - cutleryTalisman - cutlery

In 1986, Bernard Yot and Studio Christofle designed Talisman, inspired by the Art Deco style.
It is a collection unlike any other, that celebrates color and the uniqueness of the hosts who chooses it.


Talisman is a precious collection, custom-made only.

To the eyes’ delight, the collection is available in an infinite number of colors.
The design of the silver-plated curved ribs emphasizes the matt finish of the chosen color with its shine.


The Talisman collection is available for tableware such as forks, knives and spoons but also in serving cutlery.

Discover Talisman Flatware : Black and Blue

The Talisman Black collection offers several models of cutlery : dinner fork, spoon and knife, dessert fork, spoon and knife, and the after dinner teaspoon.
The salad serving spoon also exists in black. Feel free to contact us for more information.



Christofle has created a new children's catlery for the Talisman collection.


This new catlery offers the infant universe a premium offering. The catlery may be engraved on the reverse of the cover.


The Talisman Baby collection contains three spoons as well as three spoon and fork sets. These products are available in ivory, rose quartz, and ice blue.  Made in silver and lacquer,  making it an attractive gift throughout a child's life: birth, baptism, birthday.


Creation Process

The Talisman collection highlights the Christofle know-how with elegance


The collection offers endless possibilities

Blue tables

Discover the Talisman Blue Collection for a special and modern table.

Creation process


Christofle begins the process by stamping the cover in the chosen metal, leaving hollow parts to accommodate the lacquer.


After this step, it is sanded. This sanding allows the lacquer to cling on to the metal.


Then, 2 coats of lacquer are applied to give the color and 16 coats of varnish. This step is repeated numerous times and is applied by hand.

This allows Talisman to be solid and resistant.


The final step entails a topcoat of emery-coating to distinguish the contrast between the colored lacquer and metal frame.


After, each piece is hand polished to reveal the perfect shine. The Art Deco design of the ribs amplifies the saturation of the chosen color.

The art of Cloisonné is an ancient technique that brings together silver, with lacquer. By its shine, the Art Deco-inspired ribbed design emphasizes the color's matte finish. A burst of shades comes to the table for an enchanting dining experience!