Idole de Christofle

Idole de Christofle

Created by Andrée Putman in 2005, the Idole collection by Christofle quickly became an iconic collection by Christofle. The Idole collection by Christofle is recognizable among all by its “twisted” ring, a real signature created by Andrée Putman in 2005, and now available via the Putman studio. The original "twisted" ring can be found on a whole range of jewelry to be worn every day like a second skin. Each celebrates in its own way, relaxed or more precious, a strong idea of Parisian chic, both totally timeless but always in tune with the times.

Idole de Christofle

The iconic ring designed by Andrée Putman is available on a refined collection in solid silver (jewelry and accessories for her and for him.

Gold & diamonds

The diamonds intensify the play of light created by the twisted ring. Ultra-feminine jewelry, which celebrates love in purity and movement.

Idole Perles

A precious variation, for a femininity that harmoniously combines character with softness.

Idole Cabochon

Christofle combines the precious essence of fine stone with the refreshing elegance of design to honor a variation of his legendary Idole collection. This iconic jewel develops its silver circle around a natural gem which seems to gravitate lightly in the heart of the singular and immediately recognizable shape of the famous ring designed by Andrée Putman. Vigorous illustration of a unique philosophy that has given a new face to contemporary jewelry, Christofle has privileged the beauty of the gesture and the charm of the allure by highlighting the cabochon cut and the closed setting. This gourmet cut enhances the sensuality of the stone while generously enhancing the intensity of its color while the closed setting halo the fire of the gem with the silky luster of silver.
Andrée Putman

High priestess of French design with an impressive career, Andrée Putman initiated her first collaboration with the Maison in 2000. At the time, the famous designer had never before conceived silver objects. Christofle gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his talent once again. The Vertigo collection for individuals and hotel restaurants was so successful that it became obvious to continue the collaboration by expressing it in a new world: that of jewelry.