My Creative Table by Madame de la Maison

Madame de la Maison

Two years ago, Ajiri, an American living in Paris, merged her New York fashion experience and decorative arts studies to create Madame de la Maison, a lifestyle brand that embodies her love for entertaining and creating majestic gatherings.


She developed a collection of linens and travels through France searching  for antique tableware, while inspiring her audience to surround themselves with beautiful pieces that bring daily joy.


You can follow her decorative adventures at @madamedelamaison and catch glimpses of her family travels on @ajiriaki.

For this delightfuly fresh, citrus-infused table runner you will need:


- citrus fruit in different colors and sizes, such as oranges, clementines, mandarin oranges, limes, lemons, kumquats and grapefruit

- sharp paring knives

- cutting board

- a mix of greenery (you can also use one variety)

- small white wild flowers

- toothpicks and skewers

- rectangular floral dry foam

- scissors

Step-by-Step Guide


#1 Soak the dry foam in a sink or your bathtub. You should soak it until it sinks completely, but you can cheat a little if you are impatient and take it out before since the fruit doesn’t need much water.


#2 Cut the greenery into small pieces


#3 Stick the greenery into the dry foam going around all sides.

#4 Cut the citrus fruit in half. Note that some fruit such as limes and lemons will require a chop at the ends so that they sit flat.


#5 Now begins the fun creative part. Use either toothpicks or skewers to pierce the bottom of the fruit and stick them into the dry foam. Sometimes you can pierce them at angles to make your design slightly uneven and varied.


#6 Finally, cut the white flowers and place them in the gaps between the fruit.


Et voilà!


Christofle for me has always been a brand that truly connects their “savoir-faire” and the value of art de vivre and gatherings across generations. They are the true masters of silversmithing.
Madame de la Maison
You can sit at your table with your mother and your kids and use a product that has values that haven’t changed for decades. Quality products used for quality moments shared with your loved ones.
Madame de la Maison

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