My Summer Outdoor Table By






My Summer Outdoor Table by Thuy Phan


My Summer Outdoor Table by Monalogue


My Summer Outdoor Table by The Pineapple Chef

Paris-based food stylist and photographer, Elisa Dumas, invites us to appreciate the beauty of nature with her lush and generous outdoor table for a joyous family gathering.

My Summer Outdoor Table by Diana Yen

Diana is a food consultant, food stylist, photographer and recipe writer living in Ojai, California. She is guided by seasonal produce and by local food markets in her recipe creation. Discover Diana's exquisite beach table created for Christofle.

My Summer Outdoor Table by Sofia El Arabi

Sofia is a fashion designer behind the brand BAKCHIC. Born and raised in Casablanca, Sofia later studied in France and Switzerland. For Christofle, Sofia has prepared a stylish poolside table inspired by Moroccan traditions.

My Summer Outdoor Table by Elisa @etdieucrea

Elisa, mother of 3 and founder of the blog Et Dieu Créa is a craft and vintage enthusiast. Elisa draws inspiration from family moments and simple joys of daily life. Exclusively for Christofle, Elise prepared a sun soaked beach picnic table.

My Summer Outdoor Table by Alex on the Road

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