Collection Marly

Marly collection

The Marly cutlery collection is a historic collection of the Maison. It was created in 1896 in tribute to the Château de Marly, one of the charming holiday resorts of Louis XIV in which he loved to receive his guests. Destroyed during the French Revolution, only the famous "Marly horses" remain which today surround the avenue des Champs Elysées. Historical and also very current collection, of all the collections, Marly is undoubtedly the one which best translates the contemporary aspiration to celebrate nature. Marly is quite emblematic of this spirit. Because of the homage it pays to plants, which constitute its main ornament.
With Marly, plants enchant the tables of yesterday and today

The collection is offered as a set of 5 cutlery for one person in solid silver, as a set of 24 or 48 table pieces for 6 or 12 people in silver metal. Table or service cutlery is also offered individually, offering a wide choice: cutting shovel for cake and ice cream in silver metal, fork for serving fish in sterling silver, soup ladle in sterling silver, fork and knife to cut in silver metal or in solid silver, sauce spoon in sterling silver, standard fork and knife in sterling silver, dessert fork in silver metal, steak knife in silver metal… The Marly collection is also available in crystalware for the table or the bar: champagne flutes, water glasses, wine glasses, orangeade glasses, vodka glasses, carafe, vodka carafe, ice bucket… If it is true that Marly translates the richness and the refinement of a table "à la française", it must be remembered, that in Marly, the Sun King received in a more convivial and relaxed way, far from the required label in Versailles. Marly reminds us that each occasion allows us to celebrate plants in a thousand ways.