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Christmas Modern TableChristmas Modern Table


Are you looking for designer, colorful style in your silver cutlery? Discover all of our modern collections of silver-plated and sterling silver flatware

Christmas Modern Table
Choose your modern flatware
Christofle offers a wide range of exceptional modern flatware available in steel, silver plated or sterling silver. Make your choice.

2 -  Select your modern serving dishes

A beautiful centerpiece to enhance your table's setting. You can choose a centerpiece that will bring modernity to your table. What about an elegant silver-plated serving tray ?

3 - Select your modern plates

Having a modern table, yes, but not without beautiful porcelain plates. Christofle offers a wide range of plates that will perfectly match your modern table.



It's the small details that makes a huge difference. From the salt & pepper shakers to the butter dish and bread basket, each accessory contributes to a effortlessly beautiful dining experience.

Christmas Modern TableChristmas Modern Table


Candelabra, candlestick or silver candlestick, they will illuminate your interior with a warm and elegant halo and will adorn your holiday tables with a thousand lights.

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To create an exceptional holiday table, you just have to follow 5 simple steps:


1 - First, choose the flatware. It sets the tone and overall vibe of your table. Christofle offers a unique range of silver cutlery suitable for all styles: from classical to trendy and from Baroque to Art Deco.


2 – Remember to impement a centerpiece as it is serves as the focal point of your festive table. It can elegantly disaplay florals, candles and more.


3 – Select porcelain plates, preferably simple and elegant. 


4 - Incorporate table accessories including saltshakers, bread  baskets, coasters and serving trays.


5 - Finally, illuminate everything with candle holders or candelabras and make your table shine like stars.


That's it. This dinner will be unforgettable!