Holiday Decorations

Discover our holiday ornaments, which will elegantly adorn your home.

And finalize your holiday decoration by choosing between our wide range of candle holders, and candelebras which will delicately illuminate your home.

A unique way to start the festivities!  


Christmas Decoration | ChristofleChristmas Decoration | Christofle
Christmas Decoration | ChristofleChristmas Decoration | Christofle
Christmas Decoration | ChristofleChristmas Decoration | Christofle



What better way to start your holiday decoration than by decorating your Christmas tree?


Rêve Cosmique


Each year to celebrate the holidays, Christofle offers different ornaments to commenirate the holiday season. This year's ornaments includes finely carved ornaments, spherical table placeholders, decorations and coasters channeling the sun, the phases of the moon, and constellations.


For 2023, Christofle is offering five customizable holiday ornaments!

Christmas Ornaments | ChristofleChristmas Ornaments | Christofle
Christmas decoration | ChristofleChristmas decoration | Christofle



The glow of candlelight will scintillates in your crystal glasses, and reveal the silver’s subtle luster​.

Bring something extra to your Christmas decoration! 


Christmas LightsChristmas Lights
The Holiday Aperitif

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The Holiday Table

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The Christmas Brunch

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festive table with candelabras on a festive red tablecloth and christmas tree
Celebrate the end of the year with Christofle

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift, the most elegant decorative piece or an exceptional table setting, follow this useful gifting guide!



It's impossible to imagine a holiday table without candles. Their soft and subdued light will give your table a warm and festive ambiance.

Candlesticks, candleholders, candelabras and photophores contribute to an intimate table setting and will make your table resemble a starry night in complete safety thanks to their glass protection.

If you opt for garlands of light, a large candle jar will be a great showcase and will elegantly conceal unsightly electrical wires.

For an elevated table, a candelabra is the best choice esepcially in the baroque style. A more modern aesthetic will reinforce the graphic side of your decoration.

As the night falls, your amazing table will shine!