Patte de Lion
Oct 13, 2022

Among all Christofle's most sought-after pieces, one collection stands out for its extraordinary beauty and manufacturing, as well as its rarity:

the Lionskin collection designed in 1867 by Prince Louis-Napoléon's architect and decorator, Charles Rossigneux.

Paying tribute to this marvellous collection and Christofle's legacy, the Art Recherche Industrie agency and the silversmithery revisited the table services and cutlery of the time to create a bold jewellery collection composed of fourteen items, entitled "Patte de Lion".


Patte de Lion CollectionPatte de Lion Collection
Patte de Lion CollectionPatte de Lion Collection
Patte de Lion CollectionPatte de Lion Collection

The name is a reference to the Nemean Lion, a legendary creature from Greek mythology. Slaying the lion and bringing back its skin was the first of Héraclès' Twelve Labours.
The Nemean Lion's impenetrable fur and skin made it an invincible beast, with razor-sharp claws capable of piercing any armour. Héraclès was able to slay the
creature through subterfuge and claim its skin, which he used in place of armour. The pelt became one of Héraclès' legendary attributes. 

Inspired by this tale, the 2022 Patte de Lion collection consists of twelve solid silver pieces – a pendant, earrings, a cuff, a necklace and rings
in three models: an open ring, a cuff ring and a cross ring.

Pompon CollectionPompon Collection

Pompon Collection

Over time, fashion has borne witness to different types of trimmings, their patterns varying with great sophistication: tassels, fringes, cords, braids, lace and, lastly, pompoms.

This winter, Christofle bestows this particular motif on a cutlery collection and a jewellery line.

Pompon CollectionPompon Collection