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The art of living by ChristofleThe art of living by Christofle

The Art of Living is indeed an Art.


Inventing a universe, taking pleasure in decorating a house, setting a table, sharing the good and the beautiful, or cherishing cultivating the happiness of each moment.

Since 1830, Christofle has been creating an exceptional art of the tableware, refined jewelry and home accessories with elegance and know-how.


Enter the backstage of La Maison Christofle...

Notebook ChristofleNotebook Christofle



For any first order, receive a Christofle notebook as a welcome gift, with no minimum purchase.


Christofle's Know-How

Maison Christofle entirely uses handmade manufacturing.

The precious trades of spinning, embossing, carving, engraving, perpetuated by its craftsmen, commemorate the qualities of elegance and excellence.

It is this unique know-how, inherited by highly qualified craftsmen and transmitted from teacher to student, that represents the living heritage of Christofle. Being true "Living Treasures", the Master Goldsmiths are the guardians of the sustainability and quality our know-how.

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