My Summer Outdoor Table by Thuy Phan

Thuy Nguyen @_thuy_phan


 Thuy Nguyen established a luxury concierge @_thuy_phan based between Paris and the French Riviera. She accompanies her clients on a daily basis and provides them with her expertise in order to guarantee an excellent service.


Designer, Stylist and creator of high-end events, she crafts memorable experiences by taking care of the smallest details.

For this summer outdoor wedding table, I wanted to express an explosion of freshness by mixing the colors of summer with elegance and refinement.
Thuy Nguyen
Christofle represents for me a prestigious French silversmith Maison. Christofle's tableware, decoration and distictive gifts, are a true heritage that we pass from one generation to another.
Thuy Nguyen
Thuy Phan
My favorite Christofle piece is MOOD. I love the idea of this egg-shaped case that can be used as a stylish decoration on a sophisticated piece of furniture, while hiding a magnificent set of silver-plated cutlery.
Thuy Nguyen

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