Bear Haute Orfèvrerie - Small size
Aug 24, 2022

Continuing our collection of animal sculptures, Christofle offers a smaller version of magnificent sterling silver bear.

Bear Smal Size Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleBear Smal Size Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle
Bear Smal Size Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleBear Smal Size Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle

A symbol of loyalty, strength, and inner peace, the bear is an animal respected by all cultures.


Represented in sterling silver, the sculpture shows the bear in all it’s grace and tranquility.

It is designed, just as its bigger model, by famous artist Jean-François GAMBINO,

whom collaborated with Christofle in 2016.

Small bear Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleSmall bear Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle

Each sculpture is unique, and limited edition

with only 99 sculptures in circulation.

Made in France, every sculpture comes signed, numbered

and with a certificate of authenticity.


This product is not available online. For more information,

please contact customer service by phone or through the customer service form



Small Sitting Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleSmall Sitting Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle


In Chinese astrology, the signs are symbolized by animals. The rabbit represents intelligence, longevity and hopefulness. It is a responsible, agile and pleasant animal.


In honor of 2023 Chinese new year, Christofle proposes three sterling silver small rabbits.

Its character is illustrated sitting, standing and running, showing its great agility.

Small Agile Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleSmall Agile Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle


Small Standing Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - ChristofleSmall Standing Rabbit Haute Orfèvrerie - Christofle


Also designed by Jean-François GAMBINO.

Small bear Haute Orfèvrerie - The Dedicated BoxSmall bear Haute Orfèvrerie - The Dedicated Box



Each sterling silver Small Haute Orfèvrerie has it's own protective case, setting the scene for these exceptional pieces.
They are packaged in a black Haute Orfèvrerie box lined with anti-tarnish fabric and come with silversmith's gloves.

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