For the festive season, Christofle and Les Artizans suggest a recipe for a Chestnuts Christmas log (for 8 people).

This dessert is made by the pastry chef Mathieu Mandard, French dessert champion in 2004.


1.       Chestnut sponge:

  • 250 g whole eggs

  • 160 g icing sugar
  • 140 g chestnut flour
  • 40 g melted butter
  • 320 g egg white
  • 80 g caster sugar

Sift the chestnut flour through a sieve.
Beat the whole eggs and icing sugar with a whisk for about 5 minutes. Set aside in a bowl. Whisk the egg whites with the caster sugar until stiff. Gently stir the sifted chestnut flour into the zabaglione with a spatula. Then add the melted butter, mixing gently. Finish the mixture by adding the beaten egg whites. Spread the mixture on a sheet of baking paper, it should be about 33 cm x 33 cm. Bake the sponge in an oven at 200 degrees for 7 minutes.


2.       Hazelnut praline crunch:

  • 55 g milk chocolate

  • 55 g dark chocolate

  • 90 g hazelnut praline

  • 90 g feuilletine flakes

  • 1 pinch of fleur de sel

Melt the two chocolates at 40 degrees in a bain-marie. Add the hazelnut praline, the feuilletine flakes and the fleur de sel. Spread on baking sheet to 5 mm thickness. Set aside in the fridge. Chop the crunch with a knife.


3.       Chestnut cream:

  • 200 g chestnut cream

  • 200 g chestnut paste

  • 40 g hot 35% cream

  • 30 g dark rum

  • 220 g whipped cream

Blend the chestnut paste with the hot whipping cream. Add the chestnut cream and dark rum and mix until well blended. Finish the mousse by adding the whipped cream, mix gently with a spatula. Set the chestnut cream aside in the refrigerator.


4.      Meringue decoration for the log:

  • 120 g egg whites

  • 120 g caster sugar

  • 90 g icing sugar

Sift the caster sugar and icing sugar separately. Beat the egg whites with a whisk. Fold in the egg whites in 3 stages with the caster sugar. Gently stir in the icing sugar with a spatula. Once the meringue is finished, make your decorations, flames and swirls on baking paper. Bake in a fan oven for 3 hours at 80 degrees.


5.       Assembling the log:

Spread 600 g of chestnut cream over the entire surface of the chestnut sponge. Sprinkle the hazelnut praline crumble over the entire surface of the chestnut cream.
Roll up your log using the sheet of baking paper that was under the sponge. Tighten the roll with a ruler. Set aside in the fridge for 1 hour. Using a saw knife, cut the two diagonal cuts on each side of the roll. Use a pipe nozzle on the teeth side to cover the entire log. Finish decorating by placing the swirls and meringue flames on top. Add a few slivers of marrons glacés.



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