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Christofle has developed a new leasing with purchase option offer to provide maximum flexibility and agility to Chefs and Restaurateurs.


This flexible tailored service allows you to benefit from quality equipment, without any initial investment, and to assert your identity by sublimating your tables with exceptional silverware.


This innovative offer applies to our complete line of silver-plated, sterling silver and steel flatware. The different models of cutlery will perfectly match your opening or renewal project and will bring the final touch of decoration and refinement.


Faithful to its culture of excellence and its constant commitment to its partners, Christofle's teams are at your disposal to examine your needs and set up a personalized support.


Christofle partners with hotels and restaurants and offers a range of tailor-made and personalized products.

Welcome to the Hospitality Section
New for hotel and restaurant owners

Christofle offers three collections of flatware in a new material: silver-plated stainless steel

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