Roblox x ChristofleRoblox x Christofle

Discover an innovative Christofle collection of gaming wearables in partnership with Prince, a fashion brand by Boltable Studios, a leader in the design of virtual fashion and experiences in Roblox.  Prince is one of the most popular fashion brands in Roblox and has sold over 24 million items on the platform.


The Christofle X PRINCE wearables are now live on Roblox, the leading global online gaming platform, featuring 58 item variations including three limited edition items which are unique in design, color, and texture, making them exclusive and highly coveted. The collection sold over 700 items within the first 24 hours of going live and Christofle promoted the launch with a  free to claim limited edition that sold out in 1 second.

Christofle x PrinceChristofle x Prince


The collection is sold exclusively on Roblox and is also being showcased at the  Liberty Airport game experience inside Christofle’s custom A380 aircraft. Recognising the significance of capturing the attention and loyalty of the Gen Z demographic, Christofle is establishing brand engagement by embracing the concept of 'art on the table' through a striking and contemporary method.


With our entry into the metaverse in 2022 with the iconic MOOD collection, Christofle became the first luxury tableware brand worldwide to enter the Web 3.0 space and now continues its innovation journey with its exclusive Roblox wearables. One of the very first French luxury brands to invest in Roblox, our latest virtual collection reflects the brand’s commitment to  balance between heritage and modernity through 10 unique items.


Christofle x PrinceChristofle x Prince



Mood CollectionMood Collection


New and playful, MOOD is a flatware set for six that revisits the art of dining. Composed of two main elements, an oval-shaped box and silver  cutlery presented vertically, it is ready to be grabbed by the hand.

MOOD is a coveted object that shatters conventions by annihilating the traditional arrangement of cutlery around the plate. MOOD and the  cutlery it houses have been designed to be an integral part of the meal, like a centerpiece. 

Democratic and offbeat, MOOD sublimates the everyday. The ovoid case in mirror steel, with its comforting and elegant curve, is no longer just a useful object, it becomes a graphic and contemporary decorative element that can be proudly displayed.



People who have golden dreams wear silver sunglasses. These sunglasses are inspired by the MOOD SET which perfectly captures the lustor, curves and royality that the set stands for. Taking a classis design and merging it with a timeless metal is what creates an iconic fashion piece. Here the beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder but the eyes that have been shaded by these Christofle glasses.


Mood GlassesMood Glasses
Chri-Chri CollectionChri-Chri Collection



 The Chri-Chri collection consists of a necklace and a bracelet with large links and five medallions, all designed by Studio Christofle. Five medallions for five emblems of the House of Christofle: the geometric pattern of the Malmaison, the animal touch of Patte de Lion, the clean Art Deco lines of the Ondulations, the simplicity of Albi and the delicacy of the Perles range.


Skirt Chri-ChriSkirt Chri-Chri
Chri-Chri BagChri-Chri Bag
Roblox x ChristofleRoblox x Christofle




Pompon CollectionPompon Collection


The jewelry in Christofle's Pompom collection uses Byzantine chain, also known as Royal mesh. This flexible chain is made of a geometric tangle of rings strung in a precise and intricate pattern.

Pompon : Among all of Christofle's most sought-after pieces, one collection stands out for its extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship, as well as its rarity: the Lionskin collection, designed in 1867 by Prince Louis-Napoleon's architect and decorator, Charles Rossigneux.


Pompon CollectionPompon Collection
Christofle x RobloxChristofle x Roblox




Crowns ChristofleCrowns Christofle


The crown represents royalty, honesty and virtue: specifically, a three-pointed crown adorned with a cross denotes the authority of the King of France blessed with divine power and direct protection from God. The royal crown is also a reminder that, as early as 1844, King Louis-Philippe was one of the first important customers to place his trust in Charles Christofle. 





Patte de Lion CollectionPatte de Lion Collection


A set of bracelet (Rivage cuff) and a top with the details of the Patte deLion collection. The Rivage collection brings to life the rigidity of metal through the ebb and flow of undulating curves. Each piece suggests the fluidity of a wave with flat, irregular ridges, beveled on one side to give resonance to the silver. In homage to this wonderful collection and Christofle's heritage, Art Recherche Industrie and Goldsmiths revisited the dinner services and flatware of the era to create a bold jewelry collection of fourteen pieces, entitled "Patte de Lion".


Rivage CollectionRivage Collection


Perles CollectionPerles Collection


Classic and feminine design. The alignment of pearls in half relief is typical of Louis XVI ornamentation. This iconic pearl pattern is one of the most recognizable signatures of the house since 1850.


Perles CollectionPerles Collection



This includes a crown, silver sunglasses, three handbags, a set of bracelets / rivage cuffs, a set of pearl necklaces, a set of dresses, and high heeled shoes. All items are underpinned with Christofle’s iconic silver detailing and signature designs and in collaboration with Prince.




Christofle’s gaming wearables collection is currently available for members on Roblox’s official platform : .