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Christofle is partnering with the DBA ESGI to create the Christofle ESGCI Research Chair, in partnership with the University of San Diego in California

Any professional in the luxury goods industry will be able to propose to the DBA (Doctorate Of Business Administration) ESGCI's doctoral laboratory a problem that can lead to a three-year scientific project. The objective is to innovate scientific, concrete solutions in collaboration with the French luxury goods company. Christofle, a silversmith since 1830, has always been able to combine tradition and modernity to offer its customers unique experiences based on the values of generosity and sharing. Through this research chair, the House combines tradition of excellence and modern science by offering, via doctoral students, new experiences to its customers, such as the reception in the boutiques by AI robots connected to software, such as NESTOR Ai.


ESGCI is a business school that offers training from Bac to Bac +5. Different specializations are offered to prepare students for professional excellence. Thanks to a network of 98 partner universities abroad, ESGCI offers its students an authentic  international environment that allows them to build up their international experience. A few years ago, ESGCI opened a doctorate program specializing in luxury DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration), in partnership with the University of San Diego (USD) in California. The DBA is a game changer in business and attests to the luxury manager's ability to conduct original, academically rigorous and professionally relevant research.

The interest of this research chair is to introduce our professional students to one of the jewels of French silvermithing and cutting-edge subjects such as AI and digital innovation, so that they can one day become a doctor of business.
Dr Olivier Sercq, Director of the ESG Business School


The scientific research work of doctoral students is published in prestigious journals such as the Harvard Business Review. On July 9, 2020, the first research paper produced by a DBA ESGCI - USD student, Mr. Michel A. Chalhoub, on the Christofle House was published in the Harvard Business Review.

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The scientific research offered by the DBA ESGCI - USD, led to an experiment in real time in the emblematic boutique of the brand, located at 9 rue Royale in Paris. For several days, the students of the DBA ESGCI - USD set up the Keecker robot, renamed "Charlie" in reference to Christofle's founder, Mr. Charles Christofle. Charlie was present alongside the iconic MOOD by Christofle to welcome customers, accompany them inside the store and present the house to them using an integrated overhead projector.  

If you wish to discuss your research project, please contact :

Dr. Marcel Saucet

DBA ESGCI Director

Associate Researcher at the University of San Diego

Ms Tingting Zu

DBA ESGCI Manager in China 


"For my last year of DBA, I conducted experiments using robots and AI in a luxury and retail setting. The Christofle team was very helpful and supportive. In this project, a Robot walked around the store and improved the customer experience. I am honored to have completed my experiments at Christofle ”



Mr. Michel Chalhoub