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Art Deco or Louis XVI style, bring a piece of history to your table with an antique cutlery model.

The patina of these essential pieces of cutlery is a testament to their era and will charm your guests.

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The Christofle Boréal flatware was designed by Luc Lanel for Christofle in the 20's.


At that time, Luc Lanel was creating industrial designs, as shown by this cutlery with clean, geometric lines and where you can recognize the emblematic palm motif in a stylized way. Presented at the 1937 International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques Applied to Modern Life in Paris, this perfectly Art Deco flatware reflects the new expectations of the era: to integrate art into daily life.


This cutlery demonstrates Christofle's ability to put its industrial tool at the service of the democratization of art in the home.



The Louis XVI - Feuille Marie-Antoinette flatware was created in 1912 by Christofle. This cutlery, with its plant ornaments framing a cartouche, echoes the strong interest in returning to nature at the end of the 18th century and in particular a request from Queen Marie-Antoinette (1755-1793). 


She was particularly fond of floral motifs. So, she commissioned a silk work in 1779 for the walls of her large cabinet in Versailles. The elegance of the design composed of an interlacing of garlands of flowers and leaves forming foliage, framing medallions of an extreme refinement.


This abundance of vegetation has been reinterpreted with refinement to serve as a showcase for the Maison Christofle's new model, imbued with the old regime.

Louis XVI - Feuille Marie-AntoinetteLouis XVI - Feuille Marie-Antoinette

Printania & Albatros

Dans sa collection Vintage, Christofle présente un Mix&Match des collections Printania et Albatros, pour habiller votre table de styles différents mais complémentaires.

Printania (avant / après)Printania (avant / après)
Printania (avant / après la restauration)
Albatros (Avant / Après)Albatros (Avant / Après)
Albatros (avant / après la restauration)

Les couverts modèle Printania sont créés par la Maison Christofle en 1923, pour le restaurant des grands magasins du Printemps, ouvert en 1924, auquel il doit son nom. Devant le succès du modèle, Printania intègre le catalogue général l’année suivante et reste un modèle iconique. Ces pièces, par leurs lignes géométriques décoratives et l’épuration de leur forme, sont caractéristiques de la période de l’entre-deux-guerres et du mouvement Art déco.


Les couverts modèle Albatros sont dessinés par Luc Lanel pour la Maison Christofle dans les années 20. Graphiste de formation, il entre chez Christofle en 1920 comme chef des ateliers de galvanoplastie, puis en devient le directeur. L’influence de sa formation ainsi que celle du mouvement art déco se ressent dans ces couverts aux formes épurées et au motif de palmette caractéristique du style, choisi pour le détaché de la feuille.



The Christofle Atlas flatware was designed in 1933 by Luc Lanel, Christofle's artistic director.

It is an emblematic model of the silverware of the 30's.


This sleek piece was created specifically to complement the dining room tables in the first class of the Normandie.

This luxury liner, commissioned in 1935, is representative of the rise of transatlantic shipping. These floating palaces were designed to provide passengers with comfort, allowing them to enjoy a remarkable quality of life on board. Christofle, the flagship of a true French art of living, was therefore asked to produce this extraordinary order of over 40,000 pieces.

Christofle, which is committed to accompany its clients as closely as possible, whether in the air, on land or on the sea, obviously took up the challenge in a perfect Art Deco style.



The Atlantide cutlery model was designed in the 80's by the Christofle Studio.


This cutlery with pure and elegant lines corresponds completely to the taste of the time. The geometrisation of the lower part of the leaf echoes the ring also composed of straight lines in the upper part. These motifs are very much in the contemporary vogue of the late twentieth century, but echo the geometric trends of the Art Deco period, the early twentieth century.





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Christofle's Louis XVI pattern flatware with Delafosse garland and rosettes was created by Christofle in 1907. The name Louis XVI refers explicitly to the eponymous style of the Age of Enlightenment. We find motifs imbued with antiquity with the rosettes and plant garlands, ornaments taken from Jean-Charles Delafosse (1734-1789). The latter, an astonishing creator of ornaments, participated in the change of taste in the 1750's towards a simplification of the decoration under the reign of Louis XVI.


The work of the ornamentalist was an inexhaustible source of inspiration for his contemporaries. It is therefore not surprising that the Christofle studio was inspired by it and integrated it into its creations. It is therefore quite natural that Le Meurice, a true architectural showcase of the splendor of the Louis XVI style, chose this model to perfect its tables.



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Christofle Vintage Collection

Christofle is writing a new page in its history with the launch of the Vintage Collection: the sale of antique pieces selected with love and restored with passion.


The Christofle Vintage Collection is an invitation to travel through time, an ode to timeless beauty, a call to break codes by mixing styles and eras.

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