Valentine's Day Gift for Two

Gift Ideas for CouplesGift Ideas for Couples

Two is better! And since Valentine's Day is the celebration of lovers, why not opt for a duo gift?

Two tea cups for a special moment for two? A double photo frame to welcome your respective portraits in an intense and internal way? And why not complement your tableware with a pair of silver knife holders, or even a salt and pepper shaker set? In any case,

Valentine's Day rhymes with 2!



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Small Accessories Selection


You didn't find him a gift for this Valentine's Day, discover our small accessories: pencil pot, key ring, money clip ...

They are ideal as accessories to offer for the office, or as an elegant gift, timeless and refined.


Picture frames


Silver picture frames are exceptional silversmith creations that help capture unforgettable memories.

Classic and elegant, they are an essential part of your interior decoration and remind you of all the happy moments you spent.


Flatware Selection


The French art of living is passed on through flatware, whose refinement and charm are no strangers to the emotional memories of these special moments we hold dear. Discover all of our collections of silver-plated and sterling silver flatware to offer for Valentine's Day.


Tableware Selection


For Valentine's Day, offer delicate coffee cups for breakfast, pretty porcelain plates for dinner or a centerpiece decorated with cut flowers to brighten up the evening. Crystal glasses to enjoy a vintage wine in a decanter. Silver trays of all shapes and sizes... The art of the table cannot be improvised. But, mastered, it distinguishes even the simplest of meals and transcends into the art of sharing


Valentine's day gift for Women

Valentine's day gift for Women

Valentine's day gift for men

Valentine's day gift for men

Valentine's day personalized gift

Valentine's day personalized gift


Instead of giving each other a gift, why not choosing a joint gift and opt for a Valentine's Day gift for a couple? With this "twin set" spirit in mind, Christofle proposes a selection of special gifts for couples: silver salt and pepper shakers, double photo frames, coasters... It's better for two!


A special table for two

Two knife holders. A salt and pepper set.  Two champagne flutes... We can't count the number of things that are made for two. Isn't Valentine's Day the perfect occasion to create the perfect table for two? For this, there is no need to buy a complete set of flatware: choose two of our individual sets composed of the 5 essential pieces of cutlery: table fork, table knife, standard spoon, salad fork and tea spoon. Available in all our collections!


A candlelight dinner

Candelabra, torch, candle holder...they illuminate the table with an intimate and comforting warmth and are the indispensable ingredient of a romantic dinner. And to make the flame of love last even longer, install two of them! Modern like the Vertigo silver candlesticks with a choice of one, two or three rings, or flamboyant like the sumptuous Malmaison candelabras, make your choice...


Whether you opt for the romantic table or the exceptional lighting, Valentine's Day will once again be the occasion for a brilliant celebration of Love.