Fortune Treasures × Junichi Hakose

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Continually prioritizing mastery of techniques and exceptional craftmanship, Christofle announces a special collaboration with artist Junichi Hakose, one of the most acclaimed Japanese lacquer and special craft “Makie” artists. Master Hakose has reimagined the Christofle iconic MOOD giving rise to seven exceptional designs, each in limited editions. The delicacy and attention to detail is exquisite and makes each piece truly one of a kind. The fortune treasures are a traditional Japanese pattern that were brought to Japan from China during the Muromachi period (1336—1573). It expresses auspicious omens through the depiction of various treasures. Daikokuten, one of the seven lucky gods, wields a magic hammer, which is lucky for acquiring what one wants. Cloves, which were introduced to Japan during the Heian period (794—1185) became auspicious because of their rarity. Additionally, one will find the following: a weight that used to weigh objects, a scroll with a Buddhist sutra written on it, a scroll with various inherited secrets, an invisibility cloak, an invisibility hat, a bag of money, and various other lucky charms. The artist also wanted to depict the treasures of today as well as the treasures of future in 50 years. These futuristic treasures include a crane with dramatic black wings, a group of pine, bamboo, plum, and other lucky motifs. Serene gold lines are drawn to tighten the bright and elegant vermillion pattern, while the reddish gold leaf sparkling in the light conveys a showy impression. Here and there, reflections from blue, pink, and purple shell creates a treasure trove of celebration that expresses the present and the future. This is a unique, limited-edition piece that will not be reproduced. Numbered as "6 of 6" The chest in stainless steel & silver-plated flatware decorated with lacquer, 24K gold, silver (with palladium), seashell (Turbo marmoratus), and pigment component. This piece took 10 months to complete.


  • SKU : 00068299000001
  • Reference : 00068299
  • Collection : MOOD
  • Height : 30 cm
  • Diametre : 20 cm
  • Style : Contemporain

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