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From starters to dessert, MOOD offers a set of cutlery perfect to accompany you in your everydaylife. Designed for friendly moments, MOOD Easy is the ultimate stylish and useful box for experiencing a wide variety of dining moments, from sweet to salty ones. Combined with the MOOD By Christofle, essential at the center of the table for casual, convivial dinners.

    Flatware set for 6 people (24 pieces) Silver plated
    MOOD Easy
    24-Piece Silver Plated Flatware Set for 6 people
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    24-Piece Silver-Plated Flatware Set with Chest
    24-Piece Silver-Plated Flatware Set with Chest
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    Mood Coffee
    6-Piece Silver-Plated Espresso Spoon Set with Chest
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The MOOD Easy is a silver-plated set of cutleries for 6 people. Easy to use, its new size (27 cm) easily adapts to any interior and allows a better grip for the whole family. It is perfectly suited to an informal lunch, a brunch, or a snack. It is composed of cutlery for starter or dessert – 6 forks (16,9 cm), 6 knives (19.6 cm), 6 spoons (17 cm), 6 coffee spoons (14.2 cm).


The MOOD by Christofle is composed of 24-Piece Silver-Plated set with Chest including: 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 tablespoons, and 6 after dinner tea spoons. A decorative silver egg-shaped case with a Walnut Wood interior disk stores the cutlery.

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