Outdoor Dining
Jul 8, 2022

Whether you're by the pool, enjoying a picnic in the park, or hosting a garden party, Christofle elevates your outdoor dining experience.

Add a touch of elegance to every moment outdoor with our selection of barware essentials like our Thom Browne buckets or a Mood Party with its complimentary tray.

Garden Party

Celebrate the warm weather with a garden party.

Babylone collection combined with Albi collection for your cutlery will make your reception a relaxed and convivial occasion.


No matter if it is a picnic in the park or your own backyard, bring shine along wiht our iconic Mood Flatware set and share delicacies on a Albi Tray.

By The Pool

Pair a beautiful day by the pool with an elegant Oh de Christofle Ice Bucket to keep your drinks chilled.

Present these on top of our Malmaison Trays, which will sure elevate your moment.

On The Boat

On a Yacht, opt for an iconic champagne bucket, Iriana crystal glasses for your bubbles, Tourbillon candleholders for a refined touch, and trays to hold your delicacies.

An extra touch of...

Add or bring an extra touch of elegance to any outdoor moment with a table accessory: opt for a Babylone candleholder or vase, or even a Albi napkin holder to set the tone.