Flying Pegasus in space × Junichi Hakose

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Continually prioritizing mastery of techniques and exceptional craftmanship, Christofle announces a special collaboration with artist Junichi Hakose, one of the most acclaimed Japanese lacquer and special craft “Makie” artists. Master Hakose has reimagined the Christofle iconic MOOD giving rise to seven exceptional designs, each in limited editions. The delicacy and attention to detail is exquisite and makes each piece truly one of a kind. The case depicts the mythical Pegasus, a flying horse with wings that spread throughout the Silk Road region from Western Asia to Greece, Rome and later to China and Japan before 1000 B.C. Rather than drawing the traditional Pegasus with wings, an ancient Japanese horse is drawn. Gold leaf particles with a diameter of 0.03 mm are sprinkled on and polished to just 0.015 mm to bring them to the surface, conveying the red light of outer space. The individual stars, depicted by shell and gold, are connected with unbroken, thin lines to bring brilliance and tension to the pitch black night sky. The depth of the darkness is unique to lacquer and mimick the atmosphere of outer space, while we see three Pegasi flying freely. The cutlery is adorned with flying Pegasi, and the coffee spoons are coated with the same serene blue lacquer found on the bottom of the case with finely constellations drawn.   This is a unique, limited-edition piece that will not be reproduced. Numbered as "4 of 6" The chest in stainless steel & silver-plated flatware decorated with lacquer, 24K gold, silver (with palladium), seashell (Turbo marmoratus), and pigment component. This piece took 10 months to complete.


  • SKU : 00068499000001
  • Reference : 00068499
  • Collection : MOOD
  • Height : 30 cm
  • Diametre : 20 cm
  • Style : Contemporain

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