My Christofle Table by The Pineapple Chef


 The Pineapple Chef

Elise has worked over 15 years in the Fashion Industry as a Visual Merchandising Expert.  Currently Elise is based in Paris and is a food stylist and photographer. She is known for her content creation while working on food and lifestyle brand shoots and is an educator with many editorial assignments and books to her credit. 


For me, the Rubans collection is synonymous with family memories, special moments and celebrations. I am especially attached to it.
The Pineapple Chef


Table by My Pineapple Chef


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Rectangular tray  Malmaison  Silver plated
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Silver Plated Rectangular Tray - 26 x 20 cm

My relationship with Christofle dates back several years. My mother owns the collection Rubans and I have to say that I always remember seeing this cutlery on our table at home, on holiday dining tables as well as on tables for everyday dining
The Pineapple Chef