Royal Chef

Royal Chef

An expanded dining experience

True to its values of originality and daring creativity, Christofle surprises us once again innovation. Drawing inspiration from current lifestyle habits, the Maison is shaking up the traditional codes of luxury and offering adept solutions.


The house is rethinking entertaining and is now entering the beating heart of the modern interior: the kitchen, where meals are created. Creating meals that delight the taste buds is a key element of creating shared moments nowadays. Everyone enjoys participating, conversing and adding their personal touch in style. Thanks to Christofle’s beautiful designs, one can experience this new art of
sharing with friends and family!

With this in mind, Christofle is launching “Royal Chef”, a modern and elegant collection of knives crafted in solid oak and silver plate, along with two cutting boards and a chicly understated presentation tray.

informal get-togethers reimagined 


Royal Chef makes its mark in the art of dining and entertaining with from prepping to tasting. The pairing knife, universal knife, Santoku knife, bread knife, chef’s knife and steak knife gives free reign to use your imagination and create culinary delights.

The collection seamlessly blends aesthetic with function, while enhancing the art of cutting and serving simple and elegant dishes

Then, comes the moment of tasting. With the oak wood boards and tray your dishes are beautifully presented on, you and your guests delight the taste buds and will make each mouthful shared together even more delicious. 

Celebrate these universal occasions with Christofle and elevate them to the status of sharing ceremonies.  Whether it's casual brunches, aperitivos or impromptu cocktails to share with friends and family in a welcoming atmosphere becomes a real pleasure with Royal Chef.

Healthy Snack

Multi Purpose Knife - Royal Chef

Multi Purpose Knife

Universal knife Royal chef Silver plated

Royal Chef

Oak Universal Knife


The Aperitif

Paring Knife - Royal Chef

Paring Knife

Paring knife Royal chef Silver plated

Royal Chef

Paring Knife


From prepping...

Chef's Knife - Royal Chef

Chef's Knife

Chef knife Royal chef Silver plated

Royal Chef

Oak Chef's Knife


... To Tasting

Steak Knife - Royal Chef

Steak Knife

Set of 2 knives Royal chef Silver plated
Best Seller

Royal Chef

Oak Steak Knife, Set of 2


Christofle studio imbued with modernity and French tradition


The Royal Chef collection was designed by Christofle studio, in line with the tradition of artistic craftsmanship, while echoing a contemporary feel. Luxury is in the details.
The Nitrox® steel of the knife blades, made in France, is an extension of the house’s silversmith expertise and delivers an extremely high-quality cutting edge. The solid oak handle crafted in an authentic raw style evokes the tradition of reliability dear to Christofle. The fine peacock green lacquer band inlaid into the wood adds a colorful, modern touch. The Christofle hallmark associated with the crown underscores the refinement of the objects in the collection. The silver-plated pearl adorning the end of the knife is the signature touch that transforms every knife into a real gem.


Each object in the collection highlights Christofle’s exceptional know-how and technical and technological prowess.

Sweet times

Large Cutting Board - Royal Chef

Large Cutting Board

Cutting board Size L Royal chef Silver plated
Best Seller

Royal Chef

Oak Cutting Board with Silver-Plated Handles - Large


For the fish lovers

Santoku Knife - Royal Chef

Santoku Knife

Santoku knife Royal chef Silver plated
Best Seller

Royal Chef

Oak Santoku Knife

Christofle’s new vision of conviviality

Christofle expands the kitchen through this new collection, and breaks dining traditional rules by focusing on new ways of entertaining, which place the kitchen at the heart of modern interiors. The kitchen by Christofle gathers beautiful and strong designs, in a place where we enjoy sharing moments with friends or family.