My Summer Outdoor Table by Sofia El Arabi

Sofia El Arabi @sofiaelarabii


Sofia El Arabi is a moroccan fashion designer behind the brand BAKCHIC. Born and raised in Casablanca, Sofia studied in South of France, Paris and Switzerland. After her studies, Sofia traveled around the world and then settled back in her hometown.


Exclusively for Christofle, Sofia has imagined this lavish tablescape inspired by the mix of traditional and modern elements.



Christofle represents to me ultimate luxury, perfection, tradition... It’s above cooking and which meals are served, it’s about the memories you leave your guests with. My table setting inspiration is a mix between a traditional and renewed luxury homewear. In Morocco, traditions are kept on the table trough our handmade tableware and the amazing traditional food.
Sofia @SofiaElArabii

MOOD Coffee

MOOD by Christofle is an unprecedented concept rooted in today's world: a new and daring way of luxury daily living. MOOD Precious Coffee brings an 18-carat pink gold touch to its espresso spoons.


Mood Coffee

6-Piece Rose Gold Espresso Set with Chest




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Sofia El Arabi
My favorite Christofle piece is the Jardin d’Eden flatware set. It incarnates perfectly this famous “art de la table” that brings magic to your home.
Sofia @SofiaElArabii

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