My Festive Table by Hinalys

My Festive Table By ...


Under the pseudonym @hinalys hides Linda Lam, a pastry chef and photographer of almost 3 years. Passionate and self-taught, she loves to please her family and friends and those who follow her by sharing her culinary creations.


As part of our collaboration with several friends of the Maison who share their vision of a Holiday table, take part in our contest for a chance to win a 24-piece silver-plated Albi flatware set that includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 table spoons, 6 tea spoons and a storage chest.

The Pineapple Chef - Jardin dEden plate + Albi knife
I have a small blow of heart for the Marly dessert spoons and its vegetable ornaments
For this table I was inspired by those moments with my family that I love so much. Moments of sharing, warmth and friendliness in a chalet in the mountains, near a fireplace.
I remember my father coming to the kitchen to stew his famous Christmas chicken stuffed with chestnuts and flavoured with whisky.
Christofle represents the art of beauty, elegance and style. A refined piece of art that one is afraid to damage.

My Festive Table By...

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