Jardin d'Eden - cuckoo clock

Christofle and Marcel Wanders studio celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iconic Jardin d’Eden collection. This reunion and collaboration includes a capsule collection representing the seven deadly sins, an exceptional Haute Orfèvrerie piece and new flatware. These new designs enrich the Jardin d’Eden collection, recognizable by its iconic signature motif: interlacing leaves, winding vines and a decorative apple sprawled against a geometric matrix. All are evocative of a luxuriant garden.

The First Jardin d’Eden Instrument

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Marcel Wanders studio revisits this traditional object with the depiction a contemporary couple fashioned after Adam and Eve. Adam, wearing a shirt and jeans, is sitting under the branches of the tree of good and evil, while waiting for Eve. Eve is wearing a skirt and heels and brings Adam the “apple” on every hour, under the snake’s watchful eye. Available in a numbered limited edition of eight, this clock suggests to us that there are times in life worth remembering!

Limited edition

Jardin d'Eden

Stainless Steel Cuckoo Clock Jardin

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These new designs symbolize silver craftsmanship, as no other material makes it possible to achieve such intense beauty while revealing the alliance between spirituality and humanity.
Gabriele Chiave, Creative Director, Marcel Wanders studio


The weight watch mechanism gives real added value to this piece and this has the added advantage that there are no electrical constraints, no batteries and therefore no handling for unequal autonomy. The cuckoo clock mechanism is a 3-weight clock mechanism: each weight is associated respectively with the clock, the sound and the animation. These same weights give the clock an autonomy of 6 days. As the hours go by, the weights of the clock will drop naturally and to wind them up it will be sufficient to hold the weight and pull on the corresponding chain.

The clock can be rewound at any time, at the discretion of its owner.

The pendulum is 50mm in diameter, which ensures the correct operation of the clock and its adjustment, which is obtained once the pendulum is positioned on the graduated ruler.

The case conceals the automaton mechanism and allows invisible wall mounting.

A timeless piece

The fruit of 135 hours’ work and close collaboration between one of our master silversmiths, a highly skilled Meilleur Ouvrier de France craftsman, and an automaton maker, this unique piece pairs the master silversmith’s know-how (assembly, plating and polishing) with traditional clockmaking expertise. The mechanism allows you to tell the time, while bringing it to life. The Garden of Eden’s narrative world, creativity and know-how combine in this extraordinary object to be admired in amazement.

Celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Jardin d'Eden

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iconic Jardin d’Eden collection, Christofle and Marcel Wanders studio are once again collaborating to present a special capsule collection based on the seven deadly sins, along with an exceptional Haute Orfèvrerie piece and new finishes.