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A must for beautiful decorative pieces lovers, the candelabra, candlestick or candle holders provides that special light that makes sharing moments unforgettable.

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The Dupérier collection was produced by Christofle in 1982. It is inspired by a piece made by Louis Dupérier, to whom it owes its name. Received master in 1706, this goldsmith of the early 18th century testifies to the Louis XIV style. The patterns of antique inspiration are prominent: gadroons, palms, rosettes...

However, they remain rigorously organized in symmetrical composition. The girandole associating elements of the shaft with more contemporary ones, shows the ability of the Maison to draw inspiration from historical models while reinterpreting them at the end of the 20th century.

Christofle offers the torch (21.5cm) and the second hand Dupérier candlestick, embodying Christofle's commitment to heritage and modernity.


The Corinthe candelabra is a model created by the Maison Christofle in 1986. The name of this candelabra refers directly to the ancient Greek city of the same name. This model with a foot decorated with net moldings giving way directly to a tripartite girandole is a contemporary adaptation of the candelabra (without shaft) by Christofle. The use of filleted moldings refines the volumes of this piece.


Vendôme candle holder, model produced by Christofle in 1954. A candle holder is a small candlestick without barrel, provided with a foot with an enlarged tray to receive the consumed wax. Moreover, a handle is fixed on this base to be able to carry it in each of its moves. At a time when candlelight was an integral part of daily life in the home, this object was a real must-have. Christofle has reinvented a widely known model and adorned it with a stylized scallop shell, an antique motif that was widely used during the Renaissance and is characteristic of Christofle's Vendôme line.




Perles is part of Christofle's historical collection.

It gracefully takes up one of the typical ornaments of the Louis XVI style: a delicate alignment of pearls in half-relief that surrounds each piece edges as if it were a necklace. 

Christofle enriches its Vintage collection with these 6.6cm pearl candle holders.


The name Choiseul is an evolution of the original name of the model of this candlestick, formerly called Choisy. The city of Choisy welcomed in its time the king Louis XV who liked to hunt there, and installed there his famous mistress Madame de Pompadour. They organized many receptions there, where the candelabras had to be legion... This collection takes up a classic type of candelabra in the Regency style, a decorative style that reached its peak between the reigns of the kings of France Louis XIV and Louis XV.

This collection, with its pure and contemporary composition, also reflects the talent of the Christofle studio to create modern designs for new creations inspired by models with historicist resonances.



Salammbô low torch (12cm) with leaves decoration, made in the 2000's. This piece is remarkable for its Napoleon III style. The profusion of patterns - naturalistic plants and gadroons - covering the surface of the torch is a perfect illustration. The Maison Christofle experienced a real boom during the Second Empire (1852-1870), obtaining in 1855 the diploma of official supplier of the Emperor Napoleon III: it became an essential goldsmith. The name of this piece Salammbô refers directly to the eponymous novel by Gustave Flaubert published in 1862.

This Napoleon III style torch is a piece of goldsmithery celebrating the key period of the origins of the Maison Christofle.



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