L'Ame de Christofle PVD
Sep 2, 2020

Three new colors for « l’Âme de Christofle »

Fruit of the encounter between Christofle and the designer Eugeni Quitllet, each piece of the "L'Âme de Christofle" collection is cut from the material to give it a flat face with a thousand reflections, like a mirror. The user is thus reflected in the object and becomes ... its Soul, which can be translated in french by the word "L’Âme".

Sensual, eternal, timeless, our collection "l'Ame de Christofle" is now enriched with new pieces and adorned with new colors, reflecting the trends of our time.

Designer: Eugeni Quitllet

Material: solid steel

Available colors: 4

 Style: modern & timeless

Three new shades for a touch of modernity 

These new colors have a high-gloss polished finish, just like the original steel cover.

Each shade reflects a particular state of mind and opens up the play of objects, so that everyone can find their own mood and personality.

Flamboyant COPPER with « L’ÂME DE FEU »

Precious GOLD with « L’ÂME D’OR »

Intense BLACK with « L’ÂME NOIRE »

What is the PVD?

These new colors have a glossy polished finish, just like the original Christofle Soul steel cover, made possible by a specific technical process called PVD.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a technical process by which a layer of colored metal (a mixture of titanium, chromium and zircon) is applied to the steel roofing in the form of vapor in a vacuum at a temperature between 150 and 500°C.

The results are intense, uniform and ultra-resistant colors that allow for intensive use in the dishwasher without any trace of deterioration over time.

6 new pieces to enrich the Collection

Today, Christofle is taking its collaboration with the designer even further, and enriches "L'Âme de Christofle" collection of new cutlery pieces adapted to contemporary needs.

Fish fork / sauce spoon

L'Ame de Christofle - Extension

Christofle and Eugeni Quitllet are always on the lookout for trends and new uses, and have designed this hybrid cutlery with a unique design: halfway between a fish knife and an individual sauce spoon, this versatile piece is ideal for tasting fish as well as for any other dish with sauce. Its bevel allows you to meticulously cut the fish lengthwise and to fold it down.


L'Ame de Christofle

Stainless steel fish knife / sauce spoon

L'Ame de Christofle PVD
Modern par excellence, "L'Âme de Christofle" is a collection in permanent birth and rebirth. Very complete, it refines constantly and crosses time. It is therefore not by chance that it is a timeless collection…
Eugeni Quitllet