Fish-sauce knife - Infini Christofle
Mar 22, 2022

Christofle silversmithing house is revisiting the ways of the table with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle. Forget what you know about cutlery. Enjoy a unique sensory experience with a stunning design. 


Christofle is delighted to offer you,

for any purchase in the Infini Christofle and Vertigo Collection,

until September 30th 2022*:


A Tour d'Argent gourmet box for any purchase between €900 et €1,899

A Royal Chef oak pairing knife for any purchase between €1,900 et €2,899

A Royal Chef oak chef knife for any purchase between €2,900€ et €3,899

A Royal Chef oak cutting board for any purchase between €3,900 et €5,899

An Vertigo glass baking dish for any purchase above €5,900


*Offer valid until September 30th, 2022 for any purchase in the Infini Christofle and/or Vertigo Collections, while supplies last.

Your eligibility to the offer depends on the purchase amount in Infini Christofle and Vertigo, included in the order. 

Gifts value: Tour d'argent gourmet box: €70 VAT incl., Royal Chef oak pairing knife: €250 VAT incl., Royal Chef oak chef's knife: €350 VAT incl., Royal Chef oak cutting board: €400 VAT incl., Vertigo round baking dish: €615 VAT incl.

Non-cumulative gifts, one gift per order only. The offer is only valid on and and cannot be combined with other current offers. 

Fish-sauce knifeFish-sauce knife

One of the highlights of the collection is the fish-sauce knife, which takes you on a journey through the coastline. 

Redesigned with more softness, it allows you to cut and serve a beautiful fish fillet with unprecedented ergonomics and ease.


With the same height as the classic fish knife, Infini Christofle fish-sauce knife combines the use of two important pieces of our classic sets, the fish knife and the individual sauce spoon.


With a cutting edge on the side and a larger spoon, dare to use it as a spoon by putting it in your mouth. Find the design of the Christofle Infini collection with the ridge on both sides starting from the bottom of the cutlery and extending to the spoon bowl.


Made in our historic factory in France, this fish scoop knife is made of silver-plated metal with a mirrored polished finish.

Fish-sauce knifeFish-sauce knife
Fish-sauce knifeFish-sauce knife



Infini Christofle

Christofle revisits table practices with its new collection called Infini Christofle

What is universal cutlery?

Discover our new universal cutlery, an exclusive innovation of the Infini Christofle collection.


For the launch of Infini Christofle flatware, Sarah Espeute has created a hand-embroidered tablecloth, in trompe l’oeil.