MOOD by Christofle

In 2015, the Christofle studio created MOOD By Christofle and shakes up traditional codes of tableware with an original concept that perfectly matches the times. From New York to Tokyo via Paris, London, Hong-Kong, Shanghai or Los Angeles, the art of dining is becoming more relaxed and informal. On the strength of this observation, the Maison wanted to remain faithful to its tradition of supporting new uses by combining refinement, chic and elegance. Created to celebrate the art of contemporary sharing, MOOD By Christofle has quickly become a cult object, now reinterpreted every year by great artists and offered in limited series.

Succumb to this unique object

Since 2015, several variations of MOOD By Christofle have already emerged. In 2017, MOOD Coffee: perfect for sharing an espresso together. In 2019, the MOOD Party: specially designed to sublimate all the moments of sharing with family or friends, whether salty or sweet, completely festive or nicely relaxed. With its pure lines and its timeless design which make it a superb object of decoration, the MOOD By Christofle naturally invites itself on contemporary tables where it is good to celebrate everyday life in all elegance and relaxation.

The other designs


Decorative piece of compact form, MOOD by Christofle unveils a contemporary, refined and universal concept, in silver metal for six people.


MOOD Coffee is a set of 6 espresso spoons, to accompany moments of bonding to share with friends.

MOOD Precious

Copper-colored version with 6 golden teaspoons in 18-carat rose gold


Made of 24 carat gold metal

Limited edition

2018 - MOOD Karl Lagerfeld
2018 - MOOD Karl Lagerfeld

Two ultra-sophisticated versions signed by Karl Lagerfeld.

MOOD Christofle x Pharrell Williams & Jean
2019 – MOOD Christofle x Pharrell Williams & Jean

A lively and playful version signed by a duo of passionate artists. 500 copies and 1000 copies in coffee version.