Sève d'Argent
Feb 22, 2023

Christofle has imagined a collection that plays with lights and waterways like a walk in the forest. The company has designed its holiday season collection, Christmas ornaments and celebration decorations, on this plant theme. It also declines it in the universe of the decoration by reinventing the Surtout.

The Surtout

The term "Surtout" appeared in the last years of the reign of Louis XIV with the arrival of French service. The Surtout was used to display serving items such as salt shakers, spice boxes, oil dishes, vinegar dishes and sugar bowls, items that remained on the table throughout the meal. With the evolution of uses, the Surtout gradually lost its utilitarian function to become a table decoration, a prestigious distinction. Christofle has made many "Surtout" since it was founded in 1830, including the famous Napoleon III Surtout which is now on display at the MAD Museum in Paris.

Sève d'argent SurtoutSève d'argent Surtout

The Studio Christofle reinterpreted the Surtout, with independent pieces that are assembled to form a central piece. This Surtout reminds us of a forest of lights: the photophores and vases create a play of lights and a mirror effect thanks to the mirrored trays located behind.


The Surtout can gather a candlestick, a small and a large candle holder, a small vase and two trays of different shapes. The motifs of the lights and vases are inspired by nature: birch, pine and chestnut bark. Made by foundry, the decoration is enhanced by the silver.


The Surtout will bring light and freshness to your celebrations, but not only. It will become the centerpiece of your home all year long.

Christmas Ornements

Every year, Christofle offers different ornaments to celebrate the holidays, including a silver-plated christmas ball and, for the first time, a gold version of it.


For 2022, Christofle offers three customizable christmas ornaments. These items can be used as tree ornaments, napkin ornaments and name tags.