Celebrating with friends and family
Apr 19, 2024

Friends and family are the best people to celebrate and share joyful moments! 

For Birthday Parties, House Warming Parties, or even having a simple lunch or dinner, choose the best pieces to prepare your event, and also find out the gifts that you could offer to your relatives!


Another year is worth celebrating.

 Find the perfect gift that will please them according to their taste and also their mood.

Mark the occasion with an exceptional gift

Silver-plated Sneakers box

Christofle now designed a box for precious objects of a new kind: sneakers. As a decorative object or a simple storage box, this silver-plated box makes an exceptional gift.

Silver-Plated Sneakers Box - Objets Miroir

Objets Miroir

Silver-Plated Sneaker's box



Christofle offers a lot a pieces that can help your loved ones settle into their new home.

From tableware to decoration, or even flatware, offer them a gift that will accompany them in their everyday life.

For this occasion, share an aperitif with your guests


What better way to share a convivial moment with your nearest and dearest than with a good meal?

Set an elegant and modern table to welcome your guests.

At home for lunch with family, for more intimacy

 Dinner with friends around an asian inspired meal