Sep 28, 2021


The days when you had to clean your silver cutlery by hand are over. It is now possible to wash your Christofle silverware in the dishwasher, provided you respect following tips:
  • 1. Before using your silverware for the first time, wash it by hand with dishwashing liquid that is chlorine and citric acid free (citrus and lemon scents are not recommended).


  • 2. In the dishwasher, use only chlorine- and citric acid-free washing powders. Avoid gels and liquid products that often contain chlorine, all-in-one tablets (3 in 1) and lemon or citrus scents containing citric acid.


  • 3. Group knives in the same basket, blade down and handle up to avoid contact of stainless steel knife blades with silver surfaces.


  • 4. Separate silver and stainless steel cutlery, as silver does not mix well with other metals. If necessary, make two separate programs or place them in separate cutlery baskets.


  • 5. Do not machine wash old knives (before 1970) or cutlery with horn or wooden handles.


  • 6. Slightly open the dishwasher door when the cycle is complete to allow steam to escape and to prevent steam droplets from settling on the knife blades.


  • 7. Follow the dishwasher's instructions for water hardness; water with too much lime can be corrosive.


  • 8. When filling your dishwasher with regenerating salt, avoid using your silverware the first time.


  • 9. Eggs, lemons, mustard, fish can also cause silverware to yellow. Pre-washing by hand may be helpful after these uses.


  • 10. Finally, avoid crystal glasses, which can also tarnish silver. If necessary, make two separate programs.