Silver Time

Silver Time Collection

Designed by the talented designer Jean-Marie Massaud, SILVER TIME is the first complete collection dedicated specifically to brunch, this moment of sharing, popular with all, typically contemporary and especially warm.
To make brunch a very unique moment of sharing

To make brunch rhyme with chic and relaxation, Jean-Marie Massaud has created 19 pieces that will transform brunch into a “Silver Moment”, a precious moment. The Silver Time collection, made of silver metal, includes a splendid tea fountain, several round square or rectangular dishes, jars in several sizes, a filter teapot, a creamer, a sugar bowl, a bowl and its ladle in silver metal. Each piece of glass is made, by hand in Italy, by artisan blowers.

Minimalist style
Minimalist style

Thanks to Jean-Marie Massaud's talent, every detail, as minimal as it is powerful, gives this brunch set its unique touch which makes it a collection that is both useful and special.