Eric Schmitt

For Eric Schmitt, a secret man, it is much more attractive not to reveal too much

Born in 1995, Éric Schmitt left Paris in 1997 and moved to the border of the forest of Fontainebleau. “My work is a combination of the sculptor I almost am, the architect that I have always aspired to be and the designer that I am not exactly.” This is how Éric Schmitt describes himself. Bringing together the best of the past and a new future not affected by trends, he knew how to impose a design for the present made of free shapes – melting, carved and blown in solid yet soft materials. Bronze, silver, alabaster, marble and Bohemian glass are some of the materials he works with. Wisely revisiting French tradition of decorative arts in his personal way, his pieces are most often made to measure and in numbered editions.

For Éric Schmitt, being a mysterious and discreet person, it is more seductive not to reveal too much. This is why Christofle naturally identified the Maison’s values in the designs of artistic pieces such as elegant boxes, candlesticks, and votives that subtly illuminate its surroundings. 

Schmitt chose to work with alabaster, one of his favorite materials to master, for its opalescence, giving silver a celestial candor. Borghini marble’s delicately veined whiteness inspired him as well. Rare and in limited editions, Éric Schmitt’s pieces are highly desirable. Iconic to this first collaboration collection, is a centerpiece created in a limited number of 50 and a glove box created in 12 pieces exclusively by the master silversmiths of the Haute-Orfèvrerie workshops.

Silver metal and marble storage box by Borghini

Silver metal storage box

and Borghini marble
Silver metal box and brass cover

Silver metal box

and brass cover
Votive in silver metal

Votive in silver metal

Céleste Collection