Christofle enters the era of the Metaverse, with an NFT version of its iconic MOOD by Christofle.

A bold and modern approach, resolutely Christofle.

The lucky owners of the 925 Genesis MOOD will be able to continue the experience by entering a draw, giving them an unprecedented chance to obtain fabulous benefits.


SOLD OUT : All 925 Genesis MOOD have been sold in only 5 minutes !


In live with its value of audacity, exacting standards, excellence, and inclusiveness, Christofle launches a collection of generative NFT in 3D animation, a project supported by the Chalhoub Group in collaboration with the agency Exclusible.


The 925 Genesis MOOD is now available on the Exclusible website for 0.1 ETH.


529 NFTs will allow holders to learn about the crypto-art and access to exclusive and unique benefits.




NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle



Owning a 925 Genesis MOOD gives access to exclusive and unique benefits.


It gives exclusive access to the sale of a new limited-edition MOOD by Christofle, a variation of the Skyline MOOD representing the Christofle Aurifaber Citatis.


For the first time, Christofle offers the possibility to personalize its MOOD by engraving a name or a date.


It offers the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of the pieces from the MOOD collection:

1 MOOD Precious will be raffled,

4 MOOD by Christofle can be won,

1 surprise is planned for all participants of the draw.





The House of Christofle will soon give its community the opportunity to win an NFT by simply participating in a contest via the brand's Instagram account Christofle.



A wallet is a place to store your Ether (ETH) or NFTs safely. MetaMask is one of the main wallets used for ETH transactions.


Download the MetaMask application from the AppStore or Google PlayStore.


NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle


Create a password for your MetaMask account.


NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle


Secure your account with the suggested passphrase. 


NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle

Congratulations! Your MetaMask account is created. You now have a wallet address (code starting with "0x"). 

NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle



To acquire an NFT, you must connect your Wallet with Exclusible.

Exclusible is the platform that will allow you to purchase your Christofle NFT.


From May 7th, you will be able to buy Christofle NFTs on the Exclusible website. The NFTs are bought with Ethereum.


Go to, and click on "Connect Wallet".


NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle


Select MetaMask from the list.


NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle

Fill in your MetaMask address and connect your wallet with Exclusible.

NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle



How to exchange euros into Ethereum? MoonPay offers a quick and easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


In the MetaMask application, click on "buy", then select the "MoonPay" option. Enter the amount of euros you want to exchange. Please note! Christofle NFTs can only be bought with Ethereum (ETH).

NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle

Fill in the address of your MetaMask wallet.


Follow the instructions of MoonPay, until you receive your cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask wallet.

NFT ChristofleNFT Christofle



Starting May 7, when you are a 925 Genesis MOOD holder, Christofle is offering you the opportunity to enter a drawing, allowing you to win one of the pieces in the MOOD collection:


1 MOOD Precious

4 MOOD by Christofle

MOOD PreciousMOOD Precious
MOOD By ChristofleMOOD By Christofle


NFT (Non Fungible Token)

An NFT is a digital certificate of authenticity associated with a digital work of art (image, video, sound, etc.). Thus, an NFT can only have one owner at a time.


A drop is a launch of a collection of NFTs.


Blockchain is a secure, decentralized ledger of digital data transactions.


A drop is a launch of a collection of NFTs.


Blockchain is a secure, decentralized ledger of digital data transactions.


The Metaverse is a virtual world hosted on the blockchain, allowing many interactions and activities.


Exclusible is an agency specialized in NFTs, the Metaverse and the luxury world.


Moonpay is a "bank" of cryptocurrencies, allowing you to buy them in exchange for real currency.


MetaMask is a wallet to receive, exchange and store cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


OpenSea is a platform for the exchange of NFTs, allowing the purchase, sale, and auction of digital artworks.

What is 925 Genesis MOOD?

925 Genesis MOOD inspired by the indissociable codes of the House, such as:


925: Like the purity of the solid silver that signs all the Jewlery of the House.


The iconic MOOD by Christofle: Launched in 2015 the MOOD by Christofle is one of the best sellers of the House of Christofle, it highlights the art of no longer setting the table. A coveted design object, MOOD shakes up conventions because it altered the traditional placement of cutlery around the plate. MOOD and the cutlery it houses have been designed to be an integral part of the meal, while also acting as a centerpiece. Democratic and offbeat, MOOD refines the everyday. The ovoid case with its comforting and elegant curve is no longer just a useful object, it becomes a graphic and contemporary decorative element that is proudly displayed. La collection MOOD s’est récemment enrichie avec le lancement en novembre 2021 du MOOD Haute Orfèvrerie, en mars 2022 du MOOD Asia et en avril 2022 du MOOD Easy.


The MOOD collection has recently been enriched with the launch of MOOD Haute Orfèvrerie in November 2021, MOOD Asia in March 2022 and MOOD Easy in April 2022.


The crown: It represents royalty, and in this form of a crown with three points, one of which is decorated with a cross, honesty and virtue. It indicates the authority of the King of France who holds the power and protection directly from God. The Christofle House, from its inception, supplied King Louis-Philippe, who, in 1846, ordered a dinner service for the castle of Eu.


The scale: It measures solid silver and metals. Symbol of the goldsmith, and of both earthly and divine justice, the scale represents a perfect balance. This position, known in China as the "Invariable Middle", measures the balance of Yin and Yang, an ideal of harmony.


The two bees: They represent immortality and then the Empire. Christofle is one of the few French luxury houses to hold the status of official supplier to the emperor. The bees, busy by nature, are also the symbol of the French industry, dynamic and endowed with a secular know-how.


The three stars: The star symbolizes the firmament and eternity, they appear on the Christofle coat of arms, and echo the three medals won during the World Fairs. The combination of three stars in heraldry signifies the finesse of the mind and the splendour of the family to which the coat of arms is attached.


Collection codes: The acanthus leaf for Marly, the eagle for Malmaison, the twisted ring for Vertigo, the lion's paw for Peau de Lion.

The emblematic bestiary of the Haute Orfèvrerie collections is also present: the horse, the bear, or the elephant.

Christofle Aurifaber Citatis in Latin, or The City of Christofle Silversmithing

Silversmith in Paris since 1830, Christofle surprises with this unexpected presence in Web 3 with its NFT "925 Genesis MOOD" which refers to a fantastic imaginary, named: Christofle Aurifaber Citatis in Latin, or The City of Christofle Silversmithing.

Christofle and the Chalhoub group

Christofle holds a very special place in the history of the Chalhoub Group. It is a family history that began in Syria with Michel and Widad Chalhoub, both passionate about French culture. They were the first to import luxury products with the "Made in France" stamp, and notably the first to open a Christofle boutique in Damascus in 1955, which instantly became a major bridge between the West and the Middle East.


The first ever NFT Christofle is the result of a project that underlines the commitment, loyalty, and fidelity of the Chalhoub Group to the brand for over 60 years.

What is the purpose of an NFT?

NFTs allow art to enter the digital world while ensuring that intellectual property and copyrights are respected. As a digital work of art, your NFT can be used as a profile picture or a simple decoration and has a value on the digital art market.


Thanks to your NFT 925 Genesis MOOD, you will also have access to exclusive and unseen advantages such as: access to Christofle workshops, privileged and first access to upcoming Christofle drops, invitation to Christofle and Exclusible events...

Can we resell an NFT?

 You can resell your NFT on platforms like OpenSea.