MOOD Coffee - 6-Piece Silver-Plated Espresso Spoon Set with Chest



In 2024, Christofle revisits the iconic MOOD in collaboration with France's most prestigious tennis tournament Roland-Garros. Three new references are adorned in "Terracotta" color: the MOOD by Christofle, as well as its Party and Coffee versions. These exclusive products evoke the clay of the famous tennis courts.


Set of 6 silver-plated espresso spoons, the MOOD Coffee brings a touch of sparkle and originality to traditional coffee tasting, for moments of complicity to be shared with friends. Walnut wood interior base


  • SKU : B00065639
  • Family : Espresso spoons
  • Material : Silver Plated
  • Collection : MOOD ROLAND-GARROS
  • Length : Spoon: 10 cm
  • Height : Case : 13 cm
  • Diametre : Case: 8,7 cm

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CASE - Developed exclusively for our cutlery, it ensures perfect wedging of the pieces. Its various parts can be dismantled for easy cleaning. Exterior: Simply wipe the surface with a soft, slightly damp cloth to restore its shine. Do not put in the dishwasher. Interior: Clean the wooden part with a slightly damp cloth and dry immediately to avoid streaking. The black resin base can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. After cleaning, reassemble by aligning the wooden disc with the base at the openings. CUTLERY - Before using your cutlery for the first time, clean it by hand. If you can't wash the silver immediately, to avoid acid attack, remove food residues (egg, lemon, vinaigrette...) with paper towels and rinse in hot water. Never put your silverware in contact with bleach. In the dishwasher: use only chlorine-free washing powders, never liquids or gels. Group knives together in the same basket, blade down and handle up, to avoid stainless knife blades coming into contact with silver surfaces. Close the dishwasher door when the cycle is complete to allow steam to escape and wipe cutlery with a soft cloth. Follow your dishwasher's instructions for water hardness.

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