Charlie Bear
Mar 9, 2020

Charlie Bear Collection

Created in 2005, the Charlie Bear collection offers a tender imagination for toddlers and pays homage by name to Charles Christofle, founder of the house. Adorable little bear, Charlie Bear makes us fall in love with his soft and affectionate air that we find on a solid silver hairbrush or on a silver metal baby cup which can become an irresistible pencil holder.
Precious memories

Useful very early on and from birth, each object in the collection is intended to accompany the child throughout the ages. Perpetuating precious memories and unique moments from childhood, baby cups, baby cutlery, photo frame or napkin can also be passed on from generation to generation. To make the gift offered to toddlers an enchantment, Christofle thought of creating customizable cases. Each box contains a pretty comforter made in France with a cotton certified 100% organic.