Aug 9, 2023


Babylone is a collection designed by the designer Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann, composed of an offer of Dining and Home Decoration complemented by Jewelry. She embodies the Parisian women and represents the very essence of a certain Parisian way of life, made of generosity and sensuality.


The Dining and Home Decoration collection includes 11 pieces in silver-plated, porcelain and a combination of the two materials, and the Jewelry collection includes 6 pieces in sterling silver.


The irregularity of the braids, that comes in three versions, brings an organic and vegetal dimension.




Home Decoration


Jewelry Collection


The name of the collection refers to the ancient city of Babylon, whose myth can be translated into exceptional generosity and of which there is a street in Paris located on the "rive-gauche" of the city, district of artists and intellectuals.


The cuff bracelet is the masterpiece of the collection, it instantly dresses an outfit and attracts all eyes. Its volumes and curves underline its elegance and softness. Its lightness and smooth interior makes it a very comfortable piece to wear. Certainly, a jewel to place on the "hit-list" of the moment!


Play the accumulation for an ultra trendy wear!


Jewelry BabyloneJewelry Babylone
Jewelry BabyloneJewelry Babylone

Dining Collection


Babylon was an ancient city in Mesopotamia. The centerpice is the Masterpiece of the Dining collection. This majestic piece elevates your home decoration or your table, and the patina of the braid gives even more character to the piece.



Dining BabyloneDining Babylone


The Babylone collection reflects the rise of the natural bond that integrates natural shapes or materials into its interior to remain connected with nature. A touch of the Art Deco movement, the braid contrasts with the pure lines of the multi-purpose piece: an aperitif or sweets bowl, a decorative object or a trinket tray.


Play with functions! For a daily chic dinner...


Dining BabyloneDining Babylone
Home decoration BabyloneHome decoration Babylone
Home decoration BabyloneHome decoration Babylone

Home Decoration Collection


The unique thinness and transparency o the porcelain vases are a masterpiece. The porcelain is hand-made in France and one week of work is needed for one piece.

Home decoration BabyloneHome decoration Babylone
'I wanted to draw a collection that combines modernity and a continuity of the Christofle History; to create very simple shapes quite Art Deco.
Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann for Financial Times, August, 21, 2023