Feb 2, 2023
Tourbillon CollectionTourbillon Collection



World-renowned for its crystal ware, Christofle brings a new material to the Art of the Table with Tourbillon: pieces in blown glass, fruits of the collaboration with Alya Tannous. Born in London, with Levantine roots and Parisian at heart, Alya Tannous studied literature and theatre at Queen Mary University, London.

In Paris, she began her career in luxury goods, joining the Haute Couture house Christian Lacroix, and then the Pia de Brantes Public Relations firm.




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Tourbillon CollectionTourbillon Collection


It was while travelling in Egypt with her mother, Lina Tannous, a celebrated interior designer, that Alya discovered blown glass.

Bowled over by this delicate, ancestral technique, developed in the Middle-East in the first century BC, Alya immediately decided to devote herself to this half-forgotten craft.

Her creations, conceived as works of art for everyday living, express her idea of elegance and bring together those she loves around tables designed as truly theatrical set pieces, in a nod to her first vocation.


The glasses


Those unfamiliar with blown glass will besurprised by the finesse and weightlessness of these pieces: their artisanal creation results in unique objects through which the light can shine, adding a touch of the sublime to these airy, ethereal creations.


The Candlesticks


The collaboration between Christofle and Alya Tannous has resulted in six new pieces: a champagne flute, a red wine glass, a white wine glass, a water glass, and two candlesticks. Light, fine, elegant and delicate, the pieces in the Tourbillon collection are nonetheless suited for daily use, thanks to their use of borosilicate glass, far more resistant to heat and wear than conventional glass.