My Festive Table by Signe Bay

My Festive Table By ...

Signe Bay

Signe is a stylist, photographer and creative director. She is oftentimes described as a visual storyteller and ‘atmosphere magician’. Signe does commercial and editorial styling, photography and creative direction for various brands. Through her Instagram profile she does collaborations with selected brands that reflect her style and vision. Her work is directed by a strong aesthetic sense and visual identity that has a certain Nordic feel to it— using both the warmth and the cold of the Scandinavian light to create atmospheres.


As part of our collaboration with several friends of the Maison who share their vision of a Holiday table, take part in our competition for a chance to win a 24-piece silver-plated Albi flatware set (6 dinner forks - 6 dinner knives - 6 table spoons - 6 tea spoons) and its chest.

I find inspiration for my tables everywhere, but mostly in nature and in the light that’s unique to Denmark, a kind of melancholic light. But more than anything, a table setting reflects my personality. So I guess my table settings hint at my own story and my Scandinavian aesthetics.
Signe Bay
Packaging - Signe Bay
I’ve always been in love with Christofle's cutlery. I adore and amire the design and great quality of the pieces.
Signe Bay
To me, Christofle is the epitome of good quality and beautiful design that goes into a higher entity. I have always been a great admirer of their ability to innovate, even though they retain the traditional and good craftsmanship.
Signe Bay

My Festive Table By...

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