Cotes Restrepo Wedding Registry

December 05, 2015

Registry Number: I2BMBF5XAZVO
Questions? Call us at 1-800-730-0103 or email us at


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Can gifts be purchased from all countries?

The gift registry is only accessible through the US Website. Gifts may be purchased from all countries but you must be shipping to a US address. If your billing address is outside of the US and you would like to purchase an item off of a gift registry please call 1-800-730-0103 or email: 

Can I create my registry in-store?

Yes, you may create your registry in store in any of our 7 US Christofle boutiques. VISIT OUR STORE LOCATOR

Can I meet with someone in-store to design and organize my registry?

Yes, our US Christofle boutique associates are always available for consultations and advice to help make your bridal experience seamless and luxurious. VISIT OUR STORE LOCATOR

Can I put my registry on my bridal page?

Yes, you can access your dedicated registry page’s URL on the “Share My Registry” page.

Can I use this registry for my baby shower, anniversary, birthday or graduation celebration?

Yes, the Christofle registry can be used for any celebratory moment throughout your life.

Can my guests include personalized cards?

Yes, all Christofle purchases include an option to add a personalized message.

Can my registry be accessed at any store?

Yes, your registry can be accessed at any US Christofle boutique. VISIT OUR STORE LOCATOR

Can your flatware go in the dishwasher?

Yes, washed every day in the dishwasher, cleaned regularly with simple care products and stored in protective chests, Christofle flatware will keep its original quality while acquiring a beautiful patina, the distinctive sign of an authentic product. Christofle recommends only basic powdered detergent should be used in the dishwasher, never gels or liquids. Additionally we advise against scented cleaning products.  Visit our Product Care page for complete instructions and further information.

How am I notified of a purchase from my gift registry?

You will be able to track all registry purchases from the “Thank You Card List” page.

How long after the wedding day does the Registry stay open?

Your registry will be accessible for up to one year after your event date.

How many items should I register for?

Christofle recommends 1-2 items per guest.

Is there a visible difference between silver plated and sterling silver flatware?

Our silver plated flatware is heavily plated in pure silver giving it a nearly identical look and feel to our sterling silver flatware. To the skilled eye, the difference between our silver plate and sterling silver flatware is an additional hallmark on all sterling silver pieces guaranteeing that the silver is made 925/1,000 parts silver.

My flatware went down the disposal - can it be repaired?

Please bring your damaged silver to any US Christofle boutique. Our silversmiths will evaluate the extent of the damage and provide you with a quote in a timely fashion. VISIT OUR STORE LOCATOR

What if some of my wedding guests aren't that computer friendly?

Your registry can be accessed from any US Christofle boutique or by phone. Please call 1-800-730-0103 for further assistance. VISIT OUR STORE LOCATOR

How do I return gifts purchased off of my registry?

Articles purchased from may be returned or exchanged according to the following conditions and procedures:

  • - Items must be returned in saleable condition within thirty (30) days of purchase
  • - Items must be returned in complete original packaging
  • - Returned items must be accompanied by the original invoice and completed return form


There are two ways to return our products:

1. Return for refund: Items may be returned for refund to our Customer Service Center at the following address:


DHL Solutions

525 Dell Road Carlstadt,

New Jersey 07072


All refunds will be credited to the same credit card used to process the original purchase. Product exchanges via the Customer Service Center are not possible at this time.


2. Return for exchange or store credit: Items may be exchanged or returned for store credit (no refunds) at any Christofle Boutique in the United States of America. Store credits are valid for ninety (90) days from the return date. Christofle Boutique locations:

  • - 846 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 
  • - Bal Harbour Shops, 9700 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, FL 
  • - 150 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 
  • - Houston Galleria, 5015 Westheimer, Houston, TX 
  • - 9515 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 
  • - 8424 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA
    • - 296 Boylston Street, Boston, MA


Please note: Product refunds for online purchases via a Christofle boutique location are not available at this time. For all returns, except where the item is defective or sent in error by Christofle, the customer shall be responsible to arrange and pay for the safe return of the products to Christofle. Any returned item which is incomplete, used, modified, damaged or soiled will not be exchanged or refunded. Gift recipients may exchange Christofle products at any Christofle Boutique in the United States of America. Pierced earrings may not be returned unless they are defective. Engraved items may not be returned. All conditions must be adhered, or Christofle will send back the returned products, and the customer will be charged for all shipping fees.

I've cancelled my event. How do I have my registry removed?

You can delete your registry by clicking on the Delete Registry button on the “My Items” Page.

I can't see the couple's shipping information. How can I send a gift from the couple's registry?

The couple’s shipping address will be in automated option at checkout on as long as you make the purchase through their registry page.

There are items showing as purchased on my registry... why haven't I received them?

Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-730-0103 to check on the status of your pieces.

How do I update my wedding or gift registry, including change my password, shipping address, or personal information?

All registrant personal information can be updated on “Registrant Information” page.

What if I want to add more items to my registry?

You can add more items to your registry via the following ways:

  • - Using the Add More Items button on the “My Items” page
  • - Clicking on either the Add to My Registry button or the wrapped gift icon on the product pages
  • - Clicking on the wrapped gift icon on the category pages

How do I know what the registrants still need?

Registered products will be listed on the “Items” page; product quantities that have yet to be purchased are listed under the Number Needed column.

How soon after I create my registry will it be available online?

  • - For registries created online, it will be available instantaneously.
  • - For registries created in one of our seven US Christofle boutiques, your registry will be available online within 48 hours.