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sterling silver

An iconic metal, the symbol of luxury, brilliance, femininity and alchemy, sterling silver is Christofle’s symbolic territory.

Used for the jewelry and accessories collections (wearables / small pieces), precious objects and selected flatware collections.

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silver plating

A revolutionary technical innovation developed and perfected by company founder C. Christofle, silver plating made it possible to democratize the silversmith’s trade and expand the brand: it is the heart of our legacy.

Silver plating can be used for all product categories (except for jewelry).

Thanks to its whiteness, shine and malleability, this material lends versatility to designers’ visions.  

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gold plating
and partial gold plating

Traditionally associated with monarchs and royal families. Due to its brilliance and inalterable qualities, gold is most often used as gilding on silver plate or solid silver (in which case it is called vermeil).  

Produced only by special order, this finish, whether whole or partial, requires an extremely high level of technical mastery and finesse.

Gold plating magnifies the subtlety of decorative elements on silver objects and flatware. 

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stainless steel

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A variation on white metal, stainless steel has been included in the Christofle catalogue for the past decade or so.

Its ease of use makes it ideal for today’s lifestyles.

Christofle works with designers to offer new pieces that are in phase with this metal’s many possibilities (cocktail items / new, relaxed lifestyle objects by Christian Ghion and Martin Szekely; everyday beauty for the table by Eugeni Quitllet or Claudio Colucci, furniture for contemporary interiors by Ora-Ito, etc).

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multiple materials

Since its founding, the principle of using multiple materials has allowed Christofle to enhance the brilliance of silver with color, matte finishes, etc. Traditionally, these materials have included wood, horn, and hard and precious stones. Today, lacquer, Corian (r), linen fiber and borosilicate glass are among the contemporary materials which, when married with silver, offer new means of creative expression.

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