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Elite know-how

For fine silver, Christofle relies on manufacturing that is entirely done by hand according to traditional techniques.
Veritable "living treasures", our Master Silversmiths are the guardians of Christofle's longevity and know-how.

Christofle currently counts two "Meilleurs Ouvriers de France" in the disciplines of planishing and chasing. This priceless, human know-how, perpetuated by highly qualified artisans who transmit their skills from master to apprentice, is what constitutes Christofle's living heritage.

Each silversmith personally makes the tool necessary to his craft, fashions it to suit his own hand, and remains its sole proprietor and user.

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Fine silver:
haute couture, Christofle style

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Since its founding in 1830, the House of Christofle has cultivated its unique know-how, modernizing its techniques and execution to keep up with the times. Whether they are creations by designers or artists, re-editions and historic reproductions or custom commissions, exceptional pieces by Christofle are made in its fine silver workshop, which has been integrated into the company's manufacturing facility in Yainville, Normandy.

Photo : Claude Weber

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The characteristics
of fine silver

All objects in fine silver have a certain number of characteristics that make them easily and instantly recognizable to connoisseurs and collectors:

A special hallmark: the vintage mark
In addition to the marks found on all Christofle silver, a Vintage mark is stamped on finished pieces before they leave the fine silver workshops; this makes it possible to trace their date of manufacture.

A unique characteristic: the piece's number
The number engraved on an object indicates its place in a series. For a limited edition of 200 pieces, for example, the first piece will be engraved with the numbers "1/200". Each number of fine silver is duly recorded in a preciously guarded master register.

A guarantee of authenticity: the certificate of authenticity
Signed by the president of Christofle and the director of the fine silver workshops, this certificate attests to the authenticity of the piece and its fabrication in our fine silver workshops. In addition to summarizing the piece's history, this certificate indicates its vintage mark and number..

Photo : Claude Weber

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